by Kathie Van Landingham
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       Come with me down to the Jordan River where Mr. Naaman is about to take a dip.  The room is filled with excitement and anticipation as the sermon begins. Every eye is on Mr. Naaman as the minister makes Mr. Naaman’s leprosy disappear!

       This is only one of the lessons in a two year program designed to take the hassle and worry out of teaching for ministers and teachers alike.  These books are an excellent tool for ministers who find it a challenge to communicate their faith with young children.  For teachers, they are extremely versatile, unique and most of all, fun.  

       By carrying the same theme from the children’s sermon given by the minister into the Children’s Church Program, continuity is established and, therefore, learning is made easy.  

       There are books of children’s sermons and there are many craft books available but the combination of the two makes this material one complete package.  This material can easily be adapted for younger children in a different class setting.

       As an added bonus, the author, Kathie Van Landingham, is available for seminars.  Kathie will share her years of experience in teaching God’s word and how to make learning fun and exciting for children of all ages.  Let’s Go to Children’s Church and together, encounter an adventure of a lifetime with God’s precious children as we seek to serve Him.
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Ages 4-7