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In an attempt to make this tutorial brief and simple it starts by saying what we are using on our computer to successfully process VRML Worlds. Our computer is nothing special, an HP bought off the shelf at CompUSA with Windows XP preloaded as the OS.

We successfully process VRML with the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer ver 6.0
Firefox ver
Netscape ver 7.2

Using the Cortona VRML Client plug-in

Getting started

Assuming you have downloaded a VRML plug-in and are using a VRML friendly browser you are now ready to experience 3D worlds. Start by testing your system. Search the Internet for a VRML World or go to The Paper Industry Web's  Virtual Reality Paper Machine Gallery to view a VRML World on your computer. You will soon know if you are ready. The VRML Worlds on Paper Industry Web have been thoroughly tested on various combinations of browser, plug-in and O. S. 

If the VRML World you attempt to run does not play you may receive automatic alerts that can  help you with your computer configuration. 

The following information may help you in successfully configuring your computer to process VRML files.

Setting up a Computer to process VRML Worlds can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. Here are some of the items that effect your computer's ability to process  VRML Worlds.


Unfortunately, all browsers do not perform well with VRML. The most popular browsers in current use are Microsoft Internet Explorer (MIE), Netscape and Firefox. 

You can have several different browsers on the same computer. They do not conflict with each other.  

At this writing Microsoft has released  their new version 7.0. The new Version 7.0 would not work with VRML on our computer. We had to downgrade back to version 6.0 to run VRML on MIE. Hopefully there will be an update that improves it's VRML flexibility.

Firefox  does not support VRML (on our computer)

Netscape (using ver 7.2) does support VRML

MIE ver 6.0 does support VRML (preferred) 

Plug- in(s)

In addition to using a VRML friendly browser a VRML plug-in is required. Browsers are not delivered with VRML capability. Fortunately VRML plug-ins are available free.  You may have to try several plug-ins before you find one that is suitable for your computer setup. You can search the Internet to find a variety of plug-ins. The old standard Cosmos plug-in is no longer supported but works in some instances. 

A couple plug-ins available that work well: 

Cortona VRML Client (preferred)
Blaxxun VRMLplug-in

Operating Systems (OS)

Operating systems have an effect on the way the browser and plug-in interact to process effects.  When downloading a plug-in there are no assurances that it will work with your OS or browser. Sometimes it may be a matter of trial and error. Some plug-ins specify the OS. and browser to use with the plug-in. 

Firewalls and settings 

After complying with all of this your computer may still encounter problems processing VRML. You may have to experiment with your PC settings and browser options. Do so carefully. Do not make changes that cannot be reversed. The firewall and security settings of your computer may have to be changed.  Our computer has the Windows firewall set at "off" to process VRML Worlds. A word of caution, for security reasons Windows does not recommend the firewall be turned off.  

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