What are teachers saying?
LET’S GO TO CHILDREN’S CHURCH has been a valuable tool for me in many different ministries.  These books have crossed state lines as well as denominational boundaries and blessed the lives of many children.  I have used them as they were intended for weekly sermons and crafts as well as for other children’s programs.  Most importantly, I have used several of the sermons as life lessons for my child, my nieces and nephews.  Through these books, God provided me with the tools I needed to make these stories come alive for many children.                                                                              Springfield, VA
The LET’S GO TO CHILDREN’S CHURCH series has been perfect for our Children’s Church program.  The sermons, songs and coordinating crafts have provided everything we need for an outstanding program.  Churches need to know about this wonderful tool for teaching our children about God.  We have enjoyed teaching every lesson!  Kathie was definitely inspired by our Lord and Savior as she wrote these wonderful books for teaching and worship.                                                                     Newnan, GA
LET’S GO TO CHLDREN’S CHURCH is the perfect tool to help change the world for Jesus one child at a time through sermons, songs, prayers and crafts.                                                        Gulf Breeze, FL
I am honored to enthusiastically endorse LET’S GO TO CHILDREN’S CHURCH.  It has been my privilege to use this material in numerous settings and find it adaptable for a variety of ages as well as situations.  As a Christian preschool teacher, I have used the sermons and crafts to enhance the curriculum as well as in Sunday school, Children’s Church and Bible School.  The sermons are simple to understand and lead the children to discover what a loving God we have.  It is such a joy to see the children come to understand what the scriptures mean to them.  These books are guaranteed to bring God’s Word to life for His favorite people - children.                                                      Lilburn, GA
by Kathie Van Landingham
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