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Eliminate the Confusion This website provides a lot of information regarding paper weights, caliper, and conversions etc.  International Paper  Knowledge Center Useful information concerning paper characteristics, print preparation, prepress, digital printing, inks, coating and much more.
Current News on Pulp and Paper Industry  February 2009 The world's largest magazine paper maker, UPM-Kymmene Corp., reported it will temporarily lay off 1,220 workers in Finland, as the economic downturn continues to hit the wood and paper industry. Paper Mill Predictive Maintenance Utilizing Infrared This paper paper describes the infrared (IR) predictive maintenance program at Augusta Newsprint Company in Augusta, Georgia producing approximately 400,000 tonnes of newsprint per year with customers primarily in the United States but also worldwide.
Paper Industry Awaits it's Bounce! When the dollar declines against other currencies, American paper and wood products companies generally benefit in foreign and domestic markets Revitalizing America's Mills  Across America, communities are revitalizing abandoned and underused wood and paper mill properties through collaborative partnerships and restored to productive use. 
Hazards Abound in a Paper Mill U S Department of Labor presents references to aid in recognizing hazards in the paper industry workplace and provide examples of possible solutions.
Paper Industry Trends Even with the paper industry plagued with overcapacity and reduced capital spending, some suppliers are continuing to do well in this business. Article by Larry O'Brien-ARC Advisory Group 01/05/07
Recession Hurting Paper Mill  Towns Tom Ratzlaff is mayor of a small town reeling from the closure of its more than 100-year-old paper mill. And he's among the 300 workers who lost a good-paying job. Only Wind Powered Paper Mill in U.S. Mohawk Paper , a family-owned paper manufacturer, has announced it will begin using 45 million kilowatt hours (kWh) pollution-free wind power annually to run its two mills in New York.
Domtar to permanently shut down its last paper machine at its Dryden mill. The Nov. 4 announcement by the Montreal paper giant puts 195 employees of its 530-member workforce out of jobs by mid-November. Abitibi Bowater closes Grenada Mill Dec 24, 2008 ... GRENADA, Miss. — A newsprint mill in Grenada will shut down for a month in January. Abitibi Bowater Inc. is the world’s largest newsprint maker.
Paper Mill’s Legacy Still Haunts Hawkesbury The Ontario government thought it was doing the right thing when it allowed Canadian International Paper to pile wood waste at its Hawkesbury waterfront property. Too bad no one thought ahead to what happens when the mill closes. Paper Industry Hall of Fame Listing and links to the biographies of the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame inductees, including company affiliation and honor category.
320 High Quality Stock Paper Mill Photos - View free or purchase. Configure the photos using zoom or shift to suit your preference after making a photo selection.. A Sad Commentary on the Paper Industry. Stories of abandoned paper mills worldwide becoming more frequent. Visit these sites-     Site 1  -  Site 2  - Site 3 - Site 4 for photo essays of several abandoned mills
How paper is made    View a virtual tour of how paper is made. Click the graphic when it loads.  Dave Roisum's Blog "What do you mean not enough lighting? Almost every plant I’ve been in has been as dark as a cave" .If you have anything to do with Web Handling & Converting this is a "must visit" link for you.
MacRaes's Blue Book Paper & pulp mill industrial directory. Find top manufacturers and distributors of  paper and pulp mill machinery Cole's Paper Industry Recruiters Absolutely free jabs data base search. Cole’s Recruiters is a full service independent recruiting firm specializing in the Pulp and Paper Industries
Jeff Lindsay's Paper Industry Page One of the longest surviving paper industry websites on the Internet. Still very active and current. Mills Online Pulp mills, pulp and paper mills in the United States sorted by state location.
Need a Paper industry Expert? This website identifies Expert Consulting and Witness Services along with credentials for all segments of the paper industry Paper industry officials Fear Worker Shortage Despite a major decline over the past two decades, Maine's paper industry remains the largest manufacturing sector in the state. One perplexing question: Where will a new generation of paper workers come from?
Worldwide  Paper Mill Directory Pulp & Paper Web Directory by Pulp & Paper of Canada International Paper Texarkana Mill Saves Itself  How engaged employees turned around this struggling Texas mill, which is now thriving amid brutal market conditions
Looking for a Great Career?  Great career opportunities in the paper industry. Presentation posted by TAPPI. Tips on what to study. Worldwide list of Colleges and Universities.  Automation Costs Jobs in Mill Towns Technology has helped companies boost productivity and increase revenue. Economists say those gains often aren't shared fairly with workers.
US Paper Industry Hopes China Sanctions Boost Business Tricia Pendergraft and her husband started socking away money to cover house payments several years ago when her employer warned that her paper mill job might disappear if business didn't improve. Bigger Machines, Fewer Players, and Growth North America and Western Europe will continue to dominate the global paper industry by accounting for more than 50% of the world production by 2015. Production growth is gradually shifting outside these traditional supply areas.
How Globalization Effects the Paper Industry To fully understand the recovered paper market in Europe, or anywhere else for that matter, one has to understand globalization's affect on the industry in general. Recovered Paper Demand Will Peak  That’s just one of the conclusions found in Globalizing recovered fiber markets, a new in-depth report recently published by EU Consulting, Germany, and Moore & Associates, Atlanta.
The Global Impact of Globalization Globalization is nothing more than the product of the multinational
corporation’s search for profit. View Slideshow about Globalization on this website.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization An understanding of the pros and cons of globalization may help us understand our evolving world. 
Paper Industry Facts (The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) The pulp and paper industry is a major branch of US manufacturing that plays a critical role in the local economies of virtually all regions of the United States. Mortality from Lung Cancer in Workers Exposed to Sulfur Dioxide  This study was to evaluate the mortality of workers exposed to sulfur dioxide in the pulp and paper industry. The cohort included 57,613 workers employed for at least 1 year in the pulp and paper industry in 12 countries.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia's - definition of paper Interesting page - lots of good information about paper. History of paper, paper making processes and facts. Visit here and you are bound to find something new about paper.

International Standard paper Sizes Standard paper sizes like ISO A4 are widely used all over the world today. This text explains the ISO 216 paper size system and the ideas behind its design. 
Paper Iindustry Calculators Online Case Paper provides this very complete set of easy to use paper calculators. Use them free online to save aggravation and improve your productivity!  Middle East Paper Industry Expo, Paper Arabia 2007 Middle East's first-of-its-kind paper industry exhibition, Paper Arabia 2007, was officially opened at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre - October 5, 2007.
War Stories in Web Handling This is the Aug 14, 2007 issue of David Roisum's  Web Handling & Converting Blog and well worth papermakers spending time reviewing. Lots of good gems and sound practices for all  paper industry related machine operations from the paper machine all the way to the shipping room. Paper Machine Operations Videos - You Tube Use search word - paper machine - Paper machine turnup gone bad, Tissue machine operation, Tour PM at Berlin, N H, Jumbo roll slitting winder, Double width winder.
Paperchine: Company Profile This company profile is for the private company Paperchine, Inc., located in Rockton, IL. Paperchine, Inc's line of business is mfg paper industrial machinery repair services whole industrial equipment. Paper Calculators Case Paper Company presents numerous useful paper industry calculators; to many to list here. Also visit their Home Page for a Virtual tour of their operations as well as numerous videos relating to paper converting and slitting. 
US Mills Open to The Public (SPOOM) The society for the preservation old mills. Site includes mill related links and mill photos. Mill Pictures of Mills and Historic Mill Information - from Jim Miller, in Oregon - Currently displaying 1190 Mills and over 4, 778 pictures.

"Sacrificial Lamb" - The Beloit Corporation Story. This book documents the history of Beloit Iron Works beginning when it started as a small business in 1858 in a rented factory in Beloit, WI, with a main focus of the "critical years" of the Beloit Corporation when it's parent company Harnischfeger Industries  filed for Chapter 11 June 7, 1999 through July 3, 2001.  For details of the book content and a FREE download of the complete book manuscript including all text, photos and graphics click the book icon at left. 



PIW Active "X" calculators are a group of eight paper industry calculators that provide solutions for papermakers and  engineers. The calculators are designed using Visual Basic and can sit on your PC desktop for instant access or stored in a folder on your computer hard drive. To use the calculators enter the data in the appropriate data entry box for results.  You need only enter the data to suit your condition, that is U. S. or SI units. Click the image at left for a larger view of the of the No Jumbos Calculator.  Click here to download your Active "X" Calculator . Tip: Download the PIW SI convertor to assist conversion of data when using the calculators.


PAPER INDUSTRY PROGRAMS: PIW programs are free, designed specifically  for paper industry engineers and papermakers. The chart shown at left is from a winder productivity study.  The chart curve changes in real-time as the values are entered in the white data cells. Click the image at left to view a larger chart and an example of a typical production study. The simplicity of the productivity study will be apparent. Many of the properties of the study can be modified by the user.  Each program can be used with U. S. or SI values have instructions for use.  There are 11 programs including "helper" tools such as a Metric (SI) Convertor, Ream Convertor, Winder Production Estimator and a Data Logging Form. The programs are based on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. For more details and to download your programsclick here.


PAPER INDUSTRY TECHNICAL ARTICLES There are 11 PIW technical articles concerning winders and reels. Here is a sampling of a few of the articles. Click an image below to review the associated technical article or visit The Technical Papers Library


PAPER HISTORY CHANNEL is our most visited segment. Click an image below to review a Paper History Story or visit The Paper History Channel. curs 

The American Builders The Papermills of Trour Run The Curtis Papermill Story

WHAT IS VRML?  VRML is an acronym  for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML is an exciting experience. To configure your computer to view Virtual Reality graphics Click here for a  tutorial. When your PC is configured click here to visit the PIW Paper Machine Virtual Reality Gallery. To try VRML click either the papermachine or dryer section image in the left panel.


PAPER INDUSTRY ANIMATIONS: Need a break?  Try one of the PIW paper industry animations. Click this link PM in Panorama This is one of the 15 unique animations available in the Paper Industry Animation Library

Click here to try another paper industry animation.


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