Profile: Oyvind Haugen

Oyvind was born on August 26, 1949, and grew up in the country-side near the village of Vikersund in south-eastern Norway. He now resides at Sysleveien - a road some seven kilometers out of the Vikersund village. His son Roy has frequent opportunity to visit there.

First job was that of a truck-driver - hauling a tank-trailer with Portland-cement on the highways and byways of southern Norway. At age 28, fed up with trucking he got his first job in the paper-industry at Katfos Fabriker at Geithus as a helper to the winder-operator, advancing to operator after a year or so.

When the Katfos Fabriker shut down he did another short stint as a trucker but again abandoned trucking in May 1983 for a position at the Union Geithus mill, (Drammenselvens Papirfabrikker) starting work on the winder for the PM 3. Later, due to health he was transferred from working shifts on the winder to working days in maintenance. Starting in January 1996 he became inspector of winders, sheeters and various other machinery.

His interest in Pusey & Jones Company came when he saw a script on the dryers of the P & J number 3 paper machine. Asking around but could not find anyone that knew anything about Pusey & Jones. He decided to find out for his self - and that has kept the ball rolling ever since.

Hobbies through the years have been motorcycling, firearms and history. Working in a mill it was natural for him to focus on the history of paper-making and paper-machinery.

With this background and his considerable talents he became a writer of books and articles on the history of the Union Geithus mill. He has also had articles published on paper history and subjects such as firearms, ammunition technology and theory for Norwegian magazines.

 Mr. Haugen's latest book published in 1997 is titled "PM 3 - 100 years." Although Oyvind is very fluent in English, his book is only available in Norwegian. To summarize, it follows the Union Geithus mill and principally the No. 3 Pusey and Jones paper machine from 1876 to 1997. A condensation of this book with pictures is onlined at Union Geithus's No. 3 P & J Paper Machine

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