The Children’s Church Program
"LET’S GO TO CHILDREN’S CHURCH"  is an exciting two year program (which can be started at any time) consisting of four books designed to take the hassle and worry out of teaching young children.  You will find Lessons, Crafts, Circle time, Music, Prayers, Games and more that will bring God’s Word to life for His favorite people - children.  This curriculum is an excellent tool in numerous settings and is adaptable for a variety of ages.
Come!  Let’s go to Children’s Church and see what exciting things are happening there.
We know it is time for the fun to begin as we approach the room and hear joyful little voices singing God’s praises and shouting Hurray! Hurray!
Here in Children’s Church we learn which neighbor we should love and what really matters to God.  As we go from being wiggly caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, waving our colored scarves in the air, we experience the wondrous works of God.  We get a glimpse of heaven as we learn that heaven is a beautiful place.  Heading to the parking lot, we will spin our wheels or go in search of secret signs, experiencing once again that our God is an awesome God.
This curriculum is so versatile it can be used for Children’s Church, Sunday school, Wednesday night programs, summer programs, in Christian daycare, home schooling, on the mission field and more.  See for yourself how fun and rewarding teaching God’s precious children can be.
by Kathie Van Landingham
770 985-4269 or dvlkvl@mindspring.com
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