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Inertia in Winding
Wound Roll Structure
Wound Roll Testing
TNT - Tools of Winding
Cameron Gap Test
Cameron Gap Test Updated
Winding Scrap Book 1 - 2 Drum Winding
Winding Scrap Book 2 - Duplex Winding
Reel Update
Building a Core Loading Cart
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Winder Systems - (Winder types, Physical concepts, Application techniques) 
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Pekka Komulainen, Wartsila
David R. Roisum, Winder Consultant
Duane Smith, Black Clawson Company
J. David Pfeiffer, McGill University
M. Hussain  Abitibi Paper Company

W. R. Farrell, Abitibi  Paper Company
Alexis Olshansky, Beloit Lenox
Rudi Deeg, Beloit Lenox
Paul Smith, BIW R & D
D. Roth, BIW R & D

Ken Frye, Beloit Lenox
Walter Dorfel, Papier Carton Cellulose
Dave Daly, Beloit Eastern Corporation
William Gilmore, Beloit Lenox
Bob Lucas, Beloit Lenox
Luigi Bagnato, BIW


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