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The best way to broaden the scope of this page and make it a more useful tool for all the finishing population is to hear from you. The interactive links are listed below. We encourage you to use these links. Your input is the only tool we have to gauge the acceptance and content of these pages.

Call for Papers----

One of the more important features of this page is the technology it presents to the visitors. We have authored a few technical papers-primarily slanted to students and the newer people in the pulp & paper industry. We encourage you to submit "guest" technical papers or "viewpoints" to post on the Finishing & Converting Net. Contact for details. We'll help you with set up and graphics.

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Summary: Be very careful returning phone numbers to area codes you don't recognize, especially when you receive calls, emails or pages with urgent messages that you call these numbers. Read this link to get the facts on how to protect yourself from large phone bills you may unwittingly authorize.

Be a scambuster: Pick up the "809 Scam Alert" link on your page!

Continuing series on Winding Technology.
Part 5-SCRAPBOOK #1-Two Drum Winding
Part 5-SCRAPBOOK #2-Duplex Winding

THE FINISHING ROUNDTABLE The finishing roundtable is a FREE service of the Finishing & Converting Net. If you are seeking assistance to solve a problem, trying to find software, machinery or supplies, or have suggestions or solutions to offer, you are encouraged to use this forum. Click here to add an item to the roundtable.

Current articles posted on the Finishing Roundtable:
Diecutting on Bobst machine.
Copies of Winding Technology Series.
Jagenberg Diana 125 troubles.
Winding PhD seeking position.
Pressroom breaks information.
Telescoping Rolls
Cameron Gap test
Coupling Problem

Need Folding Carton Machinery

FINISHING SUPPLIER'S DIRECTORY OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES This directory is provided as a free service for vendors to advertise their products. Click here to add your product or service to this data base.

FINISHING E-MAIL DIRECTORY Add your e-mail address to the directory. Click here to add your email information to this database.

INDUSTRY LINKS Finishing / Pulp and Paper links. Click here to submit a link to this database.

OTHER LINKS Some of our favorite links. Click here to have your favorite link added here.

LINKS TO THE PAST Portrayals of milestones in papermaking:

FINISHING PUBLICATION DIRECTORY List a publication in this database. Click here to add a technical publication to this database.

FINISHING&CONVERTING NEWSGROUP Cast your ballot to promote a separate Finishing & Converting newsgroup.

WORLD LIVE CAM MAP Visit this exciting new link. See places like San Francisco, London, Paris, Rio, Venice, Hong Kong and Sydney via live video cams located throughout the world.

GUEST ARTICLE PAGE The Internet enables us to communicate information between industry sectors in a way never before possible. This is an effort to promote the interchange of information and ideas between other groups involved in the pulp and paper industry. Articles currently posted are:
Continuous Improvement Philosophy by Trav Hall III.
Profitability Through Roll Quality Improvement.

WINDER OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM LINKS This page contains the following Winder optimization Links.

Winder Optimization Program
Win an Optimization Lite program
The Optimization Lite Program
Have your Winder Charted
Lite Program Winner's Circle
The Crystal Ball Interactive Winder Study

PULP & PAPER NEWSGROUP Visit & use the pulp & paper newsgroups.

NEW! SOFTWARE REVIEWS! Reviews of software downloaded from the Internet used on this site.

ABOUT THIS PAGE Finishing & Converting Net-Scope, Goals & Personal Profile.

WEB AUTHOR'S PAGE It may be less difficult than you think to author your own web page. Here is a collection of information to aid you in writing your own page including how to write a web document using your word processor. Links to sites offering free and trial download programs to author your own page.

THE TREE MACHINE For years we made paper out of trees. Here is the latest in recycling technology that will reverse the process and make paper into trees.

WINDER ANIMATION PAGE Two drum & duplex winder action.

New industry link of the month.

The Packaging Intelligence Network All the best of the WWW resources for the packaging industry in one place. Truly an innovative and international page.

WINDERMAN'S PAGE Animation download sites including The Tree Machine and the Crash of '29. Our favorite non-pulp & paper links. The Abacus and Winderman's Tic Tac Toe.

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