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Wooden dryer gears?

Harper fourdrinier PM

Forerunner duplex winder?

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Found at last! The Paper History Channel has been trying to find "reliable" historical information about The John Inglis Company for a long time. John Inglis Company was a sometimes manufacturer of paper machinery equipment.

We literally stumbled into some reliable facts hidden in the links of The Whirlpool of Canada  Appliance Website. Click the "COMPANY HISTORY" tab of the Whirlpool of Canada Website to discover the relationship of John Inglis Company and Whirlpool, Canada.  Founded by John Inglis in Guelph, Ontario the compny originally started as Mair, Inglis and Evatt in 1859. They  first manufactured machines for grist and flour mills. 

Finally we can sleep soundly tonight. The long hunt is over.

More about Inglis Company History

This Day in History


  Austin Dobson, the poet, came closer to the truth when he noted in 1877: "Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, Time stays, we go." Since his death in 1921, Dobson has been gone for 86 years; time has continued.

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The Paper History Channel Website is dedicated to bringing you factual and anecdotal history concerning papermaking, the machines that make the paper, and the people responsible for bringing papermaking to the level of technology we enjoy today. Our focus is very broad. The only criteria is the subject must be of interest. The major source of the information posted is original material searched out and composed by us. We strive for accuracy. In some instances we travel to the locale of the story and interview people, search the local museums and historical societies, take our own photos and if needed make our own graphics. We hope you enjoy your visit to the PHC. Luigi Bagnato and Oyvind Haugen. Click either name to send us your comments.


Update of the Black Pusey paper machine

Since 1998 the Paper History Channel has been trying to solve the riddle of the Black Pusey paper machine. Finally the riddle is solved. Click Here to see the solution.


TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper industry) has become a reseller of the book Sacrificial Lamb - The Beloit Corporation Story. The book is now available at the TAPPI Press Website 

When we were ready to post the National Geographic Story we discovered we had a problem on our hands. We searched the Internet and contacted paper mills in the Northeast U.S. but couldn't find the paper mill that supplied the coated paper for The National Geographic Magazine. Click the image at left and read about our attempts to solve this puzzle. 

The 1920's were in a transformative period at the Hudson River Mill and within the Corinth (NY)  community as the residual effects of the 1921 Paper Strike lingered throughout the decade. Click the image to read the story



PAPERMAKING  POWER  METHODS Papermaking evolved from hand made sheets to various power sources. Click an image below to put the image in context.

Man Power Wind Power Water Power Electric Power

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA The closing years of the 18th century are well remembered as the time of  the American Revolutionary War when the American colonies fought for independence-the toll was high in human life. The world would never be the same. During the same period, another revolution was taking place. The process of making paper in the American Colonies at the time was still made by hand, sheet by individual sheet. Through those turbulent war years another revolution was taking place. The paper industry was being converted to mechanization. Paper making inventions abounded and the toll would be hardships, displacements and financial ruin or gain depending which revolution a person was involved in. Paper making and America would never be the same. Click the image to read the essay.

TIME MARCHES ON! Looking back, times appear to have been simpler: Were they? Click an image and you decide.

Vintage Machines

Old Trademarks

Old Mill Pictures

Pusey Jones Memorabilia


Bagley in Norway

Norway Photo gallery

Union Geithus's No. 3

1848 Norwegian PM

FREE DOWNLOAD of the complete manuscript of the ExBeloit  Book " Sacrificial Lamb - The Beloit Corporation Story"
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Paper History - Gallery of Papermaking This website  contains historical information for lovers of old manuscripts, newspapers, books, photographs, paper money, stamps, and every kind of paper memorabilia. The information presented is for the general reader as well as for the artist, archivist, conservationist, collector, and historian of paper artifacts.  William G. Gibbons 1832 - 1886 - Documents that say William G. Gibbons, in fact, was president of Pusey & Jones Company. The Paper History Channel received an e-mail from Mr. P.C. Coker of Charleston, SC:  Read this article and make up your own mind. You be the judge!
Smith & Winchester Company Link contains records of Phelps & Spafford and of its successor, Smith & Winchester  Company. This is an excellent document  well worth opening. History of Vltavsky Mill-Loueovice "Vltavský mill" of the Porák Brothers, factory for paper and tar paper in Louèovice - Český Krumlov Region 

History of a grist mill  This may not be a paper machine but deserves honorable mention for it's  excellent documentation of a grist mill in Brodheadsville, PA. dating back to 1850

 History of The Jaite  Mill The Jaite Company Paper Mill was constructed in 1906, demolished in 2006, located in Northeast Ohio's Cuyahoga River Valley. This  is an interesting website with good content and worth your browsing time.
History of Papermaking (Buttenpapier) Dieter Freye's comprehensive website of worldwide paper history links. Oldest Surviving Operating Paper Mill in North America  The mill was chartered in 1728 by the King of England. Story contributed by Charles P. Klass
History  of Michigan's Lee Paper Company  (1901 - 2001) Later Simpson Paper and most recently known before closing as Fox River Paper was the state's largest mill.  History of P&H Mining Equipment Forerunner of Harnischfeger Industries
History of Buckland Paper Mill UK About the year 1777, a man called Ingram Horne took over or established a paper mill at Buckland. The Fall of Great Northern Paper Company A first person account of the passing of a great paper mill located in Millinocket. ME..


Hudson Valley Paper Mill Ruins As the manufacturing exodus continues in the Hudson Valley (New York), so goes the places where things were made Ruins of Franklin Paper Mill, Richmond, VA We now learn more about the background of that famous Civil War ruins photo. This link tells the story of the Confederate Arsenal which abutted the Franklin Paper Mill in April 1865.
History of Bagley & Sewall Co. In the Spring of 1823, George Goulding, a young machinist and millwright was destined to found what became one of the oldest and largest manufacturing establishments in Watertown, NY Abandoned Paper Mill Ruins Photo essays of abandoned paper mills.  Use other links of this site for decay, ruins, wrecks and scrap of the face of the post industrial revolution. Sad & haunting photos.
A Sad Commentary of the Paper Industry. Allied Paper, Watervliet Paper and KVP-Crown Vantage Mills in Michigan all abandoned - see photo essays and visit forum.  Architecture of an Abandoned Paper Mill A complete and well presented photo essay of the architecture of an unknown paper mill by Harald Finster, Seffenter Weg 29, 52074 Aachen, Germany
Waterwheels and Paper Mills The mechanical principles underlying the working of water powered paper mills are quite simple and date back thousands of years. Abandoned Something, Located Somewhere Part of Paper history? We couldn't pass this up. Have no idea what or where. Do You??? If you can shed some light, let us know at Paper History Channel
The First 145 Years of the Paper Machine in the United States William J. Beckes presents a review of paper machine developments in the United States beginning with the import of the first Bryan Donkin fourdrinier in 1827 by H. Barclay of Saugerties, NY, continuing through to the hugh wide, high speed, high production paper machines we know today. New Ruins Discovery Site The Bagley Sewall Project - BS was founded in 1823 by George Goulding. The company was later to become one of the oldest and largest manufacturing establishments in Watertown and Northern New York State.
Women in Paper industry 1880 - 2006 Women employed in the paper industry in the state of Maine.- (Check Table of Contents). Website also contains some very good historical  papermaking photos.  History of The Paper Mill Theatre Over 100 years ago, this area was a dense, virgin forest. In 1892, J. E. Henry acquired approximately 100,000 acres of that virgin forest to expand his lumber operations.  He began with a sawmill.
Death of The Paper City  Kalamazoo was known as the paper city, The Kalamazoo Valley had more paper mills than anywhere else in the world. By the early 2000s nearly all the mills had closed, leaving their massive plants to fall into ruin. (good photo essay). History of Buckland Mill (UK) The very early history of Buckland Mill is rather obscure; it is known, however, that Buckland Mill was one of a number of mills operating in the Dover district during the 18th and 19th centuries..
Old Chester Pa Scott Papermilll Website contains mill history including list of former mill employees and their comments. This mill  has its origins in 1867 when the three Scott brothers starting selling  job toilet paper from a push cart on the streets of Philadelphia. Gomez Mill House at Marlboro, NY The paper mill at Luis Gomez Mill House will be operational soon for the first time since 1889. "At last we will see a mill operate as  Dard Hunter would have run it.
Lockwood's Directory 1905 edition The paper Industry 102 years ago. Use the "contents menu" for convenient browsing of this book. -  Historic Curtis Paper Mill site to be demolished. A story datelined October 9, 2007 in the Delaware News Journal reports the story.  (According to Paper History Channel records the Curtis mill dates back to 1789). 
Papermaking - The History And Technique Of An Ancient Craft by Dard Hunter (1883 - 1966). The complete contents  of this book, is reproduced on the Internet. A history of papermaking covering every aspect of paper making. (611 pages). EPA Comment Re: Abandoned Curtis Paper Mill Site Delaware River keeper Network supports immediate action by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (the "Agency") to approve the addition of the Curtis Paper Mill site to the National Priorities List. 
Allied Paper, Kalamazoo, MI - Photo Gallery  The 1980's was not the "glory days" of Allied Paper but Bryant Mill was still a busy place My First Full Time Job  Professor John Cairns Jr. describes his employment at the Hamilton Paper Mill (Mills of Trout River) in the early 1940s. Visit Professor John Cairns Jr's  website.
Irving Paper Mills: Centennial 1905 - 2005 For a company to survive for a full century and remain independent (not public) is truly a noteworthy milestone and should be acknowledged in some special manner. Castle Valley Mill at Doylestown, PA  - Lou Robertella's place in cyberspace. A interesting  paper history website that makes a  great contribution to document the history of paper making. Be sure to check out his links! 
Tacoma Public Library. Image Archives: Contains high resolution images of Pusey Jones machines - vintage 1930-1949 . Paper Mills of Chester County, PA Eagle mill, Edge's  Mill, Ivy Paper Mill, Pusey's Sawmill, Many additional notes concerning papermaking in Chester County. This site is maintained by Cathy Wentz-Eisenstadt.
The Trashed Paper Mill Loads of stuff and scrap has just been left to rust and slowly deteriorate as small trees make their way up through the concrete and tarmac. Old St, Regis Mill at Deferit, NY now abandoned (This story has personal meaning to Paper History Channel. Follow-up web story re: our involvement will be published soon.)
Early History of The West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company John Luke was born in Scotland in the town of Bridge of Allan in 1797. This history segment covers a period from 1809 to the time when the Luke brothers were experiencing hard times  during the months of late summer and fall of 1889 Profile - Rice Barton Corporation Located in Oxford, MA. Rice Barton's line of business is mfg paper pulp mill machinery. <Historical findings -  April 1, 1862,  Goddard, Rice & Co. dissolved, and May 1, 1862 George M. Rice, George S. Barton and Joseph E. Fales formed a company named Rice, Barton & Fales at Worchester, MA- for the manufacture of paper related machinery>.
Archive of Historical Paper Mill Structures: Use Index and select plates 821-822 for Pusey & Jones, plate 759  for Jesup & Moore, plates 802-803 for Manayunk Pulp Works. Use mouse to resize plate and read legends. A Treasure of old mill photos of West Virginia Covington Mill A collection of vintage photos from  1920 to 1990 of equipment, woodyard, mill buildings. Board mills, cylinder machines, etc:
US Mills Open to The Public (SPOOM) The society for the preservation old mills. Site includes mill related links and mill photos. Mill Pictures.com Pictures of Mills and Historic Mill Information - from Jim Miller, in Oregon - Currently displaying 1190 Mills and over 4, 778 pictures.
See a 1900 paper machine viewed in stereo Stereopticon viewing is an obsolete technology. So is a paper machine that manufacture paper in sheet form. Sheet making paper machines and stereopticon viewing are things of the past; or are they? View these slides and see what you think!



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