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Kathy Anderson  C-04/25/05 Worked in Manufacturing Engineering for 23 1/2 years, I miss all of the people and friendships made during that time. 

Jim Anderson P-10/18/05 January 14, 1980 was my first day of work, and I was there right up to the end. Beloit Corp. was one of the best experiences of my life.

Kieth Ashcraft P-08/10/07 I was A Beloiter from the Manhattan era.  I went to work for Beloit Manhattan in 1981 in the small town of Columbus, MS and relocated to Hallsville, TX during the Beloit MilPro days.  I left Beloit in 1999.  I currently live and work in Longview, TX.

Luigi Bagnato C-04/25/05 Retired from Beloit June 30, 1989 after serving 30 years, 10 years at the Downingtown Division. ( finishing engineering & sales). Now located in New Port Richey, Florida. (West Coast). Still active and doing winder consultant work. Have been maintaining this web site since 1995.

Paul Barlow  P-12/29/06 Was employed at Beloit Walmsleys Bolton 1982 to 2000 ( 2000 to 2006 Sandusky Walmsleys) started as an apprentice machine operator 1982 in the Yankee dryer department. Moved onto floor boring and then into production planning and finally finished as night shift Forman before the company ( Sandusky Walmsleys ) went into Administration on the 6/8/06, enjoyed working for Beloit but it has now finally come to an end.  Just hope all the lads that I worked with have got fixed up with jobs , lost a lot of good work colleagues.

yril A. Barnard C-04/25/05  Worked for Beloit Canada from 1988 until Feb 2000. Since then working for Voith still in Western Canada, and yes, I still have an accent! Great web page and comforting to see that many of my earlier colleagues have prospered, many still in the industry.  

Mick Beck P 09/27/05 Hello to all former colleagues and friends! would love to hear from you and catch up. Drop me a note sometime. Mick

Chuck Bestul C-04/25/05 I worked for Beloit Corp's main plant in Beloit, WI from 1984 - 2000. My work that I was most noted for was the time I spent in Graphics Dept. and in Emerging Technology Dept. under Gordie Voll involving the 3D virtual reality technology (Bel-Pipe, Bel-Walk). The 3D models I worked on included TNT Reel, Bel-Wind VG, Vinda Paper Tissue Machine, as well as the full paper machines sold (well, stolen anyway) in Indonesia. It is a shame that the outstanding Beloit software developed by Ching Hawn Fu and the other great programmers involved in Bel-CADD, Bel-Pipe has been forgotten. I miss the great friends that I worked both with, and for, at Beloit, WI and around the world. Currently, I am raising Gordon Setters and am working in the business office of a local automobile dealership.  

Bill Boyce P-10/19/05  Luigi, thanks for maintaining this site. It's great to read about those old familiar names. I retired 8 years ago after 37 plus years, staying in Beloit and have numerous hobbies to stay busy. I also "work" part time for the Madison Diocese newspaper, The Catholic Herald, as a photographer (as does Jo) and write an occasional story for them. All the best, Bill Boyce 

Allan C. Boyle C-04/25/05 Now working for International Paper at the Svetogorsk mill in Russia.

Tim Brackett C-04/25/05 Worked for Beloit for 22 years. Miss most of the people but some I don't. Like to here from the ones I miss. 

Peter Bradley P 05/26/05 Started my Beloit career 10-22-79 in the dryer shop. From there I ran a Dainichi engine lathe in department 112 for 3 years. Then onto the erecting floor in 1985 where I remained until the crash. Am currently working in field service for Metso at the Beloit facility.

Dave Brandt  C-04/25/05 Worked in Beloit, WI PMD Engineering from 1982-2000. Still living in the area, but have left the paper industry and now working in printing / converting. Would love to hear from any of my old work mates. It is always interesting to hear the stories of how ex-Beloiters have landed after the great fall. 

Phil Bump C-04/25/05 Nice someone has taken the time to put this together. Heard you were in South. Florida somewhere & its great to hear about you. Phil Goldenberg told me about the site. I'm living in Orange Park now. I ended up in Pa. Machine Div. as an account exec. Did that for about 1.5 years; wasn't much fun, not much of a challenge. Worked for John Eklund, a real good guy. I guess us old timers didn't fit in with the "NEW Beloit".  What a shame, this had to happen to such a great Corp. & the good people that worked there. Again, thanks for putting this together & let me hear from you, when you get a min. 

David F. Boino Employed at Beloit Lenox from 1976 to 1998. Left Beloit to join Crane & Co., Inc. in November 1998. C-04/25/05

Bill Carroll P-03/29/07 Worked at the Jones Division for eight year until Sept. 1996 in Engineering / Sales. Moved to Great Northern Paper in Maine and in 2000 and to Liverpool, Nova Scotia to work as Paper Mill Superintendent over two machines. Still making Newsprint, paper industry seems a tough business of late. Enjoyed the work at Beloit and still miss the friendships.

Yee Kwan Chow P 01/04/06 This is really cool...and thanks for doing up this website. I was from Beloit Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in Singapore from period 1997 to 1999. The Singapore team is still very much in contact with one another. Cheers: Yee Kwan

Carl Disrud P03/08/07

Started on the erecting floor as a painter on 2/4/80 within 3 months became a mechanic and eventually an erector. Had the privilege of working in field service from 87 till the end. Put in "754" in Bogalusa, La. in 1990, then "761" in 1991 in Longview Wa., then on to rebuilds.   Nothing but great people at the "CORP" ,the best and most talented  people in the industry. I miss most everybody. Working in maintenance at the Beloit Clinic and raising 2 wonderful kids (with my Sandy's help of course.) Thanks for the great website. Just recently found out about it.

.Ian Davies C-04/25/05 Retired 1996. Had a good life with the Corp. Started during 1963 in the Press Section, Transferred to Sorel, back to Wisconsin then to Japan and finally to Singapore. Sill keep in touch with some of the "Old Gang" After Singapore got used to 12 months of summer, now spend the winter in Florida and the summer in the Montreal area. 

Larry Dawson P-06/09/05 Description: Provider of information services for the paper and pulp industries with primary focus on industrial literature.Website:

Jimbo Doucette C-04/25/05 I had an enjoyable 18 years at the Beloit Jones plant in Dalton, working with some fantastic people who had a tremendous work ethic and made work interesting and often fun as well!  When Beloit bought IMPCO, and they closed our wonderful plant, I ventured into R&D to escape the exodus to Nashua NH. Five years later, I am still with the same company, though it is now called GL&V, and work for Mark Hanford in Field Service. Once again, I find myself having some fun at work for a change! Some of the union guys (Bob Sargent, Bob Maynard and Rudy Pfeiler) have been putting on a reunion picnic in the fall at the American Legion in Dalton. It's really good to go and see old friends there. It was always my dream to join the quarter century club, but the company folded before I made it. 

Mark Driscoll C-04/25/05

Terri Dahl C-04/25/05I use to work at Beloit Corp, Beloit Lenox and Beloit Castings Division. Curt (who use to work for the Winder Division) and I live in Rockton, IL. I currently work at Beloit College. I remember all the great times we had at the Beloit Corp. softball games on Thursday nights. Those were the days

Paul Dunne  P-07/24/07 Started at Walmsleys (Bury) Ltd as an apprentice which then became part of the Beloit group as Beloit Walmsleys. Many happy days with friends and colleagues from the Beloit group all over the World. When one door closes another can always open so after the sad demise of Sandusky Walmsley I am now with our new company ”Walmsleys Ltd”. As others have said having fun again in the paper industry is a refreshing change. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows me. Good luck to all. Best Regards. Paul

Roslan-Mohd  Eksan P 01/04/06 Hello to all my fellow colleagues & friends. I worked for Beloit Asia Pacific in Singapore formerly named before Beloit Corporation as a Draftsman from November 1999 to July 2003. Personally, throughout my 3 1/2yrs with Beloit Corporation, it was the best experience and still the best company I ever worked with. Fantastic people, hardworking and fun too.

Lee Eilers I enjoyed my (32) years with Beloit. I retired but continuing to work in the paper industry as an independent representative working with Paperchine, The Cline Co and other companies serving the paper industry in AL, GA & FL. There are at least 10-12 Beloit people here in the Mobile area. C-04/25/05

John E. Eklund I am now with the North American group of OVER Meccanica S.p.A. - a privately held Italian paper machinery builder. We are now located at Charlotte, NC. OVER's culture is much like the Beloit culture I joined in 1981 - a high level of integrity with sincere commitment to the paper industry and fellow employees. My best wishes to all of you of the Beloit family. You taught me a tremendous amount about successful interaction within a large international company and the paper industry. Thanks! C-04/25/05

James L Ewald After 34 years at Beloit I retired for a weekend, then into a partnership with Laurie Wicks, Dan Morris and Larry Voss, in starting Paperchine. Things are going well. Anytime you get near Beloit come by and visit us. C-04/25/05

Jim Farrell After starting work right out of school in 1974 I grew up working at the E .D Jones Div. A great place. Later named Fiber Systems Div. Then Pulping Div. Then something stupid named MillPro came along and wiped out the very heart of the company. Name recognition. At that point we were being run by a bunch of money grubbing transients who had no history in Beloit Corp and cared less what history meant. Planes, personal trainers, race cars and false war stories are now the legacy of Beloit. So now we are history and must forge on. C-04/25/05

 Jeff: S  Fitzgerald  P-10/07/05 Hello, I worked as a Machine Erector in Dept.171 and spent a considerable amount of time on the road in Field Services. Since 1998 I've been trying to find another place that feels like home. I am currently working as a Electronic Specialist for Cadbury Adams.

Gerald Forsberg Left Beloit, after 21 years, in 1981 to do winder consulting. Retired in 1995, living in Sherwood OR, still do some consulting. Shirley and I send greetings to old Beloit acquaintances. C-04/25/05

Frank F. Fox  I worked 17 years for Beloit at Downingtown. 11 of those years in manufacturing and 6 years with the Ball & Jewell Product Line. Followed that line to Milwaukee, WI with Sterling Inc. for another 21 years. Am retired now living back in PA. It is sad to see what has happened to a good company. C-04/25/05

Kenneth G. Frye C-04/25/05  Just ran across The ExBeloit worldwide network and would like to contact any one who worked at Beloit Downingtown or Beloit Lenox who might remember me. 

Don Gagnon P-10/05/07 Just received the link to your site, appreciate the effort to keep the Beloit name and history alive. I worked ten years with the Pulping group in Dalton and Nashua between 1988 and 1998; currently at Crane and Company.

Gerald R. Garde C-04/25/05 No message submitted  

Ray Gallagher P-06/16/07 Ray Gallagher of Sharon WI. says hello to all his fellow worker. Doing fine in retirement. Hope all had a great Fathers Day. Ray

Ford Ginter  I had the pleasure of working for Beloit Corp. as a Sales Rep./Engineer after college from 1984 to 1986 when I left to become a Manufacturer's Rep. in Mobile, AL. The education I received while in Beloit has served me well. Thanks to all of you who helped me along the way. The wealth of great memories I have of people and places from only two years there is amazing. It saddened me to learn of the demise of Beloit Corp. and I wish all of the ex-Beloiters the Best Of Luck. C-04/25/05

Kathleen  A. Green I worked for the Beloit Corporation for 28 years in the Production Planning and Scheduling department and truly enjoyed it until the final 3 years. I am proud to have been a part of the company. C-04/25/05

David H Greenhalgh I worked at Beloit Walmsleys,  Bolton England in the engineering department for 40 years and although now working for Sandusky, Walmsleys, still miss the old faces. C-04/25/05
Good luck to you all

Alta F.Green C-04/25/05 I worked at the Corp. for 32 years retiring in 1995, not by choice. I returned in 1997 and worked for George McLaughlin on the Indonesian Project until 1999. I really enjoyed it. I am currently working on a history of Beloit Iron Works doing volunteer work and keeping busy with my gardening.

Tom  Grunder P 05/11/05 Joined Beloit June, 1980 in the Dryer Engineering group. Joined Paperchine, Inc. June 2000. Life in the paper industry is fun again!

William J. Gilmore C-04/25/05 Still working at GLV In Lenox, MA providing sales and application support to our sales engineers.

Ernesto Guazzotto C-04/25/05I was Operations Director in Beloit Italia from 1992 and I left in 1999 after a hard discussion with Bill Hackett and others of his team. What a shame, this had to happen to such a great company and to the good people that worked all around the world for the personal interests of a few. I will never forget all the people I worked with.

Jim Guetschow C-04/25/05 Started working with Beloit on their co-op program in 1965, relocated to Portland, OR in 1987. After the painful death of Beloit, found a job as project manager for a consulting engineering company in Portland. Glad that someone has taken the time and effort to piece together the history of Beloit and other great companies that are no longer around.

Guillermo G Gutierrez P-09/27/05 I was happy and proud to be part of history and worked with real craftsman.

Jim D. Guthrie P-02/11/06 I have an energy company that may have a need for a kiln that operates at high temp, I saw some pictures of a kiln that was used in the Beloit process. Could anyone give me information as to where I might find one. Jim 

Bob Hale C-04/25/05  27 years at Beloit Corp, all in Data Processing. I would have like that to been 30, but Englesman and HPH did a stop to that. I am now at Roundy's Inc. in Pewaukee, WI as a Sr. Systems Programmer. I enjoyed my many years at Beloit Corp and the friendships that were made.

Shirley A. Hanna C-04/25/05 We moved back to Wisconsin in May 2001. We are glad to be back. We are living in Brodhead on the 15th tee at the Decatur Lake Country Club. I like the web site.. It good to see old names, it bring back happy memories.

Dick Haurie UPDATED-09/02/09

Cathy Hickson P- 03/18/07 My wife  just stumbled across this website. please include me in. (As usual, I'm the last to know).  Love to hear from you folks.

John Hickson  P-03/18/07 How you doing?  I'm always glad to get a reply when I email an old friend. At our age You never know. I hear from Phil bump occasionally and Howard Rothe, and Marty Saltarelli.  I haven't been particularly interested in the paper industry since my forcible ejection from it eight years ago. I'm just hanging out here in Cape Elizabeth (Portland) Maine. Doing all the things I wanted to do but couldn't when I had a real job.  And of course getting old as ungracefully as I can.  Love it! 

Andrew  Hird  C-04/25/05 Nice to see so many names from the Good Old Beloit days. After the bust up I joined GL&V (Australia) which is maintaining the Beloit legacy with many of our loyal customers.

Harry W. Hudson  C-04/25/05 I am currently working for Metso Paper and at same Beloit facility for roll covers and repair in Federal Way, Wa. (32 years) It is amazing how we all got spread out. Good luck to all. Alternate e mail is have mail from The ExBeloit Worldwide Network

Merle W. Hauser  Retired suddenly from Beloit in 1996, after having a difference of opinion with Tom Engelsman about where Beloit was headed with the changes he was making. Now enjoying life in sunny Florida, playing lots of golf.

Stephen  J  Hoadley P-10/30/05 Hello Everyone. I'm currently working for a company in Waukesha,Wis. called HUSCO. Its privately held (I like that fact) and the work is similar to what I did for the last 5 of my 25 years at "The Corp". I still live in Beloit, since it will always be "home". Thanks for the site and the chance to keep in touch.

Heinz E. Hoffmann
C-04/25/05 Worked from 1987 to the bitter end at the Manhattan Division, Clarks Summit, PA, in R&D and later in Tech Services. Enjoyed (for the most part)to have worked with a great bunch of people! Now employed by Metso Paper who bailed us out of the financial mess, as Application Engineer, back in Tech Services.

Daryle  Hrychany I worked for Beloit on the West Coast from 1987 until 2000. I then continued with Metso until my retirement in 2004. I am now enjoying the good life in Vernon, BC. I still fondly miss all the friends I made during the Beloit days.

Dedra (Dee Dee)  Hoppman C-04/25/05 I started at Beloit in 1984. I guess I should mention my last name while I worked for Beloit Corp. was Radtke. In 1998 I moved to Greenville, WI (near Appleton) to work at the MillPro Office in Kimberly and worked there until the end. The group I worked with at the Kimberly office was purchased by OASIS Alignment Services. They opened an office in Greenville and that is where I still work. 

Pam K Hynnek C-04/25/05

Derrick  L  James P-06/25/05 I had a short career with Beloit Corp from January 1996 - April 1998 as an engineer (also worked the summer of 1995 as an intern under Gino Casuchi). I started in 1996 with in the Calendar Group working under Jeff Jenson for a few months. Then worked for Gary Olson in the Press Group. Left Beloit Corp in April 1998 to go to work for Greenlee Textron. Still live in Beloit area. I miss working with all of the great engineers and drafters at Beloit Corp. 

Tim "Jammer" Jensen C-04/25/05 Started at Beloit in '81 as a Dunwoody student and worked until its closing. Now very happy with Metso. Still living in Michigan and working as a Sales Mgr. Still see a lot of my old Beloit friends, but would like to hear from others.

Glen Johnson C-04/25/05 Controls production manager

Michael Johnstone C-04/25/05 I previously worked at Beloit Australia. I now work with Sandusky Walmsley Australia. We are located in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

Dave Karr C-04/25/05 I was first employed at Beloit Corp. in 1974. I worked in the erecting floors in Beloit and Rockton as well as Riverside Assembly and the Controlled Crown roll and Suction Roll assembly departments. Traveled for Beloit in the 90's to mills in Maryland and South Carolina. I grew up on paper machines but never saw one till Mike Fitzgerald showed me around one in Luke MD.

Tony Kemme P-04/06/07 Press engineer, Left in 1996.  Moved to St. Louis to work for MEMC in semiconductor industry for 10 years as operations manager.  Moved back home to Effingham, IL in 2006 and is currently Plant Manager at ITW Hi-Cone in Charleston, IL.  My wife and I have a boy and a girl ages 3 and 5.

Steven A. Kirschbaum C-04/25/05 I started working for Beloit in 1985 and left in 1999, first assignment was the Wet End Division working for John Patrick. Will never forget all the great times and great friends. I know live in West Bend, Wi and still visit my friends in the Beloit area. 11-17-03

Paul  Kristopeit C-04/25/05 Proud to be working for another great (family owned) company serving the paper industry - Asten Johnson. Still living in Beloit.

Chet J. Kostrzewa C-04/25/05 Congratulations and thanks to the folks who made the effort to organize the Web Page and the 1/4 Century Bash.

Volker Klocke C-04/25/05 Worked 8 years at Beloit Lenox GmbH in Germany, moved 97 to the US, joining Beloit Lenox US in MA, which is now owned by GL&V.

Larry Kulpa P-02/110/06 What a great experience working at the Corp was. So many good people yet such a waste to lose all that talent from one locale. Moved on to Nissan Forklift in Marengo for 5 years, currently employed and living in Milwaukee. Funny how many people know the history from the Harni side. Oh well, such is life. Good luck everyone. I miss all you headbox guys.

Cristina Laignel C-04/25/05 I worked for Beloit (Spain) from 1967 to 1983

Kerry Lenort P-08/03/07 Beloit employee from 1987-1997. Worked in the Wet-End, Small Parts, and Headbox Groups as a designer on Bel-Cadd. I'm still golfing with my prized Beloit putter. I left 'The Corp' just before the big fallout and moved to Madelia, MN. I'm still in the design field working for Door Engineering & Mfg (Kasota) and now Winland Electronics (Mankato). Still drive thru Beloit on trips back to the area to visit in-laws and always drive by the Corp to see how things have changed and reminisce. Great memories.

Charles J. Lynch P-03/10/07 Thank you so much, just found the websight, Beloit Corp. was a great part of our lives, as Charles traveled around the world installing paper machines, we have wonderful memories of living all over the U.S.A.. Charles is till doing a small amount of travel for Paperchine, but  was so wonderful to see where everyone else is, and where their lives have taken them. Hello to all from Charles and I. Susie Lynch


Patrick Mane P-06/24/05 Great memories from seeing some of the names listed here from BC past.

Carmen P. Marcocci P-11/13/05 As a former employee of Ball & Jewell in Downingtown, PA since the day of closing I am searching for any employee who has information on who to contact for pension benefits.

Gloria  M.  Marino P 09/28/05 I loved the 22 years I worked at Beloit Corporation! It was a great company ... world-class products ... super people ... it's a shame that such a wonderful company was run into the ground ...

David A. Marty  C-04/25/05 Spent 37 years at Beloit. Currently completing my career in the paper industry with Sandusky International. Have run into a lot of ex-Beloiters at the mills I call on.

Andrew Mastalir C-04/25/05

George (BAT) Masterson C-04/25/05 Still living in Beloit. Great to hear from other retirees! We need to stick together.

Mark C. Masterson C-04/25/05 Hello to all former Beloit employees and friends. I have been at Metso Paper for the last 4 years after a brief stint with Woodward Governor. Great to work with some of the old gang and stay within the paper industry.

Dan  Medlicott 06/07/05 Beloit Corporation from Aug. 1979-Jan. 2000 (Press Group). Voith from Jan. 2000-Aug. 2002. Metso from Sep. 2002-present. Currently living in Neenah, WI.

Luis F Melim C-04/25/05 Ex Beloit Brazil ( Director of Materials Management and Logistics ) - Portuguese - Today living in Portugal,  Regards

Joe Miller P-04/25/07 Hello everyone. Was in the Drives and Controls Group from 1986 to 2000. Transferred to Lenox Winding Group at GL&V. That lasted until 09/11. Been at Rockwell Automation in Mequon, WI. for five years. Train our Field Service Engineers on Drive Systems and assist Engineering with Paper Machine and Winder Drives. I have met many of Beloit's customers here. I really enjoyed working for Beloit and miss the people I worked with. This is a great Site Luigi!

Charlie Melloms C-04/25/05 Sharon and I relocated to Colorado in Sept. 2000. worked as an office manager/estimator for an industrial painting contractor, primarily major projects in Vail, Aspen, etc. Currently unemployed but keeping busy with establishing a non-profit organization that is managing entity for ax. 1000 acres of wildlife habitat owned by the Bureau of Reclamation in the Grand Valley area of Western Colorado. Hope all is well with all my old friends from Beloit and elsewhere!

Mildred Mercer P-04/05/06 Started working at Beloit Eastern in Downingtown, PA in August 1956 in the payroll department and managed to hang on until 1975 working for the most part in data processing. What great place to work, we were all so sad when it had to leave our town.

Julie Metzger P 09/27/05 Still in Beloit. Working at Beloit College and love it! Please attend the Beloit Corp. reunion on Sept. 10, 2005 at the Beloit Corp park. There is a fall festival going on, and we will be gathering there to reminisce.

George Z.  Mitev P-05/18/05 Spent 30 years with Beloit Sorel/Beloit Canada out of Montreal representing the Jones, Fiber Systems and then Impco-Jones Divisions. Since Feb. 2000 and the acquisition I have been working for GL&V still selling Stock Prep, Pulp mill and PM equipment.

Dick Moe Moved to Ohio of all places, am currently working for Sandusky International in Sandusky, I take care of our roll repair dept. Sure miss the old Beloit days!

Danial J. Monaco P-04/26/05  Looking to hear from anyone who remembers me and anyone who worked at Beloit between l955 and 1965. Three HUGE CHEERS for Luigi and Oyvind for doing such a fantastic job on the website and keeping the old Beloit Spirit alive for all of us. Thank you ever so much!!

Exbil Montagem e Manutenção P 09/27/05 This is an enterprise that assemble paper machine and equipments for cellulose and paper productions. The directive company body, is compound for ex Beloit Brazil employs, that keep the same quality level. Mounting areas internal and external, There are 8 ex Beloit Brazil employs from different functions, manager, supervisor, leaders and assemble man. There is a list of other people the same quality level, that we can count with them to work together us. Web Site

Joel (J. D.)  Moore P 09/27/05 Worked in Rockton Research ('80-88), Beloit, WI Customer Services ('88-96) and Corporate Information Technologies ('96-99). When it was obvious the end was near in 1999, I moved to Sears. Am now working as Vice President of Citicards Information Technologies for Citigroup. In many ways I still bleed Beloit Green and miss the good people and times. Would love to hear more from you!

John J. Morrison P 09/26/06  “I began working in the old Pulping Systems Division in 1984 and moved around frequently during my 15 years with Beloit . The experiences and friendships formed were invaluable along the way. I eventually made my way to New Hampshire with the acquisition of the IMPCO Group from I-R, where I remained until right before the end. I am now working in a division of Koch Industries in Massachusetts that specializes in cross flow membrane filtration products, systems and services. Nice to see so many familiar names here.” Employed – November 1, 1984 thru August 20, 1999

Tomasz Morawa P 03/16/06 I just want to say "hello" to everybody which I met during Beloit times. I am working for PMPoland now (former Beloit Poland).

Dan Medlicott P 09/27/05 Beloit Corporation from Aug. 1979-Jan. 2000 (Press Group). Voith from Jan. 2000-Aug. 2002. Metso from Sep. 2002-present. Currently living in Neenah, WI.

Afonso  H. Mendes C-04/25/05

Richard A. Moe C-04/25/05 I just started my 27th year with Beloit when I was let go. I worked mainly on the road, and had a lot of good times as a Beloit Erector. Since Jan 2000, I worked for Donohue Industries in Lufkin, Texas where we installed and started up the old Gold River "751" machine. The machine runs great, typical Beloit equipment! Now, it's back to looking for work! Sure miss all the old Beloit Folks!

Neil T. Moseley C-04/25/05 27+ years at Beloit Corp, most were very good years. I completed the Premier Box Board Wet End rebuild order for Beloit Oct 2, 2000. Now I am helping Metso Paper - Appleton rebuild Beloit Finishing equipment (Calenders, Reels, Winders, Supercalenders, etc.). AND, I am having a good time here in Appleton.

Daniel  J. Moran C-04/25/05  Hello to all Ex-Beloiters I worked with in '96-'97.

Dan T. Morris C-04/25/05 I worked on the assembly floor from 1974 to 1982. I went to work in Brazil for a short period in 1982-1984. I returned to Brazil 84 thru 1989. I then managed the weldry at Blackhawk for a short time before managing the Field Service Area. I am one of the principles of Paperchine. I believe we have the best employees and everyone one of them is an ExBeloiter. 

Jeff: Neubauer C-04/25/05 I too miss the old place. I worked there from 1970 till the end, and I'm probably best known as the guy who made the "Beloit" Putters. The place may be gone, but not all the fond memories. When I'm not working at Metso in Beloit, WI I'm still working in my golf shop.

Sandy Nyman  P-03/04/07 I worked for Beloit Corp. in the Micrographics Dept. (then known as the Vault Area) for 10 years and then in the Mobile office until all the regional offices were closed.  I had always hoped I'd retire from the Corp.  Sometimes choices are made for us.  I really enjoyed my years with Beloit.  Gary and I both work for International Paper and are now on assignment in China for 3 years.  It's a far cry from Beloit, WI that's for sure.

Gary Nyman  P-03/04/07 Worked for Beloit Corp. in the Field Service group as a vibration specialist before going to work for International Paper.

Harry Otto 09/27/05  I worked at the Beloit Eastern plant at Downingtown, Pa from March of 1963 until the plant closed in May of 1971. I would appreciate if any of my old friends from there could contact me in referance to the times then.

Bruce A. Partridge P 09/27/05 I officially retired from GL&V USA, Inc. in Lenox, Ma. in July of 2003 after 42 years of continuous service with Downingtown/Beloit/Lenox. I have since been working for GL&V as a consultant in the application engineering dept. on an almost full time basis. I am still living in Pittsfield, Ma., but expect to move back to Wisconsin when I go into full retirement. All of my family now lives in the Illinois/ Wisconson area, so I will most likely locate somewhere close to them. I am a member of the quarter century club, and as soon as I relocate to Wisconsin I look forward to attending their annual dinner meeting.

Robert Pierick C-04/25/05

Donald R. Phetteplace C-04/25/05 45years working on roll grinder.

Parker L. Phillips C-04/25/05 Now working for Associated Machine Design, Green Bay, WI out of my home in Loveland, OH as a Product Specialist - Finishing 

Al  Pospischil  P-03/06/06 Started at Beloit in 1978 worked in the shop (weldery) until 1990 then moved to service engineering until 95. Then moved by Beloit to Columbia SC for sales. April of 99 got out before the big fall. Started at GL&V in sales until 2006. Started at Paperchine 1-3-06 Work is fun again. Very nice web page for us old Beloit people. 

Vickie  Raborn P-04/06/06 I worked at Beloit Manhattan, Aiken and Federal Way which I truly enjoyed for about 14 years. I then moved on to be a part of the Mill Pro group., which was not so enjoyable. I am currently working at Voith Paper Rolls in Springfield, OR. with a few other ex-Beloiters. I miss the good old days but the new ones are quite interesting too. Take care and drop me a line. Vickie 

William A. Rea  C-04/25/05 Employed by Beloit for nearly 22 years. Set-up welder, Roadman, and on to Manufacturing Engineer for the last ten+ years.

Ernest  Riesen C-04/25/05

Jim Riihl C-04/25/05 I am the guy who tried to keep the salesmen honest when it came to delivery. But in reality it was near impossible, not because of not trying by everybody, but by just the nature of the beast. I can recall only one major order shipping on time. But it was great and always a new challenge and opportunity.

David, R Roisum, C-04/25/05  Dr Roisum was a Beloit winder design engineer from 1979 until 1983, and the manager of winder research from 1983 until leaving to get his doctorate at the web handling research center. He has been an independent consultant since 1993.You can visit his website website at

Regina Maria S. Romano C-04/25/05 I was one of the first employees at Beloit Brazil,  even before the plant was built. I was the secretary to our first president, Robert D. Miller, then Martin Saltarelli and Howard Rothe. I really enjoyed working there. I worked for Beloit from 1977 - 1987. I have been working as a freelance translator since then. I do all my work at home and use the Internet to receive and send back the translated files.

Howard Rothe C-04/25/05 I retired in 1990 after working at Jones 1961 -1963 in Engineering, Beloit PMD 1963-1973 in sales, Beloit Canada 1973-1977 in sales, Beloit PMD 1977-1983 in sales and Beloit Brazil 1983 to 1990. I've seen it all and although I miss all the great people I worked with over the years, I'm enjoying retirement in Stuart, Florida. I play golf about every day except when the temperature falls below about 55. Can't stand any of that cold Wisconsin weather. Love to hear from former Beloiters.

Gilmar M. Santos C-04/25/05

J. A. Schmitt C-04/25/05 No message submitted.

Ted W. Schiefelbein C-04/25/05 Worked 44 years at Beloit & retired on schedule on 3 Dec. 99. I worked my first 23 years in the machine shop & the last 21 years in Inspection. I cannot say that I did not enjoy these years. Good people to work with & until the last few years I felt we had good management.  I try to keep in touch

D. Schroepfer C-04/25/05 I worked four years at Beloit GmbH in Holzmaden, Germany. Had a wonderful time with all these friendly people at Beloit, I remember often the times when I stayed in Beloit or other places in the states. Hope that some one remembers me and maybe send me an e-mail.

Nancy Shaler P-02/17/06 My father, Ken Shaler, worked at the Corp from about 57 through his death in 1990. I also was a co-op intern from 1980-1985. I was so happy to see this site. I have tons of stuff from my father's days there (he never threw out anything, and neither do I). Always looking for good stories about my dad...I miss him still. I am living in Minneapolis, working as a process engineer for Seagate (we make disc drives for computers). I still have a soft spot in my heart for the paper making industry.

Brian J. Shannon C-04/25/05 ExBeloiter from Fiber systems in Dalton Mass and then Nashua NH. Went through the "B" word and then worked for GL&V a short time. Had to move on. Not a company the caliber of the Beloit Corp. we all knew. Working in Florida and staying warm.  

Craig Shaver P-09/27/05 I happened upon this site as I was searching for some info on what language the old BelCadd system was programmed with. Go figure. Anyway, I didn't see my name here so I thought I would add a comment. I'm still at Bowater, in Catawba, in the Engineering Department. Vickie and I are doing well. If any friends are ever in the area please look us up.

Joe  J  Shulman P-12/09/05 Hello to all the old gang at Beloit. Still remember all the good times we had on the road traveling around the world. Best to everyone!

Silveri, Luigi C-04/25/05

Alex Smith C-04/25/05 After starting in 98 I managed to hang on (handholding the CMPC machine in Argentina) until early 2001. Subsequently I ran the Madison branch office of a Canadian engineering consultant until late 2002, and I am looking for something new again. It's great to read how all of you are doing.

George A. Smith U-04/03/07 I was formerly with Beloit Manhattan and living in Daphne Alabama . I am now with GL&V and live in Columbia South Carolina . It is good to see former Beloiters with Lenox and the Pulping group in Nashua . It is still good to be in the paper industry even with the many changes. Even though I was with the Corp a short time compared to a lot of you, it still gives me a sense of both pride and sadness when I see the Beloit name on a paper machine. 

Steve S. Smith C-04/25/05 Great web site, makes me proud to have been a Beloit Corp employee. I started working at Beloit through the Dunnwoody drafting co-op program in 1976 and left Beloit when it was closing last April 2000. I worked most of my career in the Controls Department and I have many fond memories from the past 23 years. I, like many others miss all the fine people and friends I knew working at Beloit and I hope everyone has successful since the demise of Beloit. I am currently working for Metso/Valmet in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Richard R. Snow C-04/25/05 I like the construction of this web page. Keep up the good work. I spent 42 years with Beloit, retired 5 years. I do make short visits to the shop. All machine foundations have been filled and capped. The main plant is being used as storage for new truck parts. Rich Wyatt is the plant engineer working for ABC.

Mark A. Sorenson C-04/25/05 Sandy and I are still in Beloit, I'm working for the Küsters group and Sandy is out at Accurate Tax on Prairie Ave. Greetings to all our friends and colleagues that visit this site! 

Bill Stevens IC-04/25/05 I feel like a kid with only 26.5 years at Jones Division, but do remember the days of Ebbie Neese at Dalton, and the relationships formed with the papermakers in those days. Also, the NY City TAPPI meetings with the Beloit Suite and Odd Ronning at the piano. It is a shame that there is no more American Manufacturer of Machines. Someone (no names) should be drawn and quartered. Update 10/04/07 - I am now consulting as "Stevens Consultants" in the Paper Industry specializing in refining systems, white water and secondary fiber systems. Mill audits and construciton estimates.

Michael D. Stoller C-04/25/05 So glad you are maintaining this Beloit site. Hope many old Beloiters will use the site. Keep up the good work.-- Mike Stoller

Joseph A. Szokody C-04/25/05 Founder of FACETS Productions, training and marketing for the paper industry: Computer Based Training, Video Producer, Computer Multimedia with 3d Animations. Home page at  

William (Bill) Sweet P-02/11/06 Worked at Beloit Corp. for 21+ years. Very nice web site Luiigi. It's Feb 11, 2006 and I still miss all my friends, family at the corp. Living in Owensboro, Ky with my wife Debby going on 3yrs now. Miss Beloit but Poor management decisions ended that. Good Luck to all in the future and God Bless you all for the Good Times at the Old CORP. William J. Sweet 19937

Brian Thomas P 01/14/06 Dryer Engineering, 1996+ Hi everybody! It's great to read the postings from everyone saying it's fun to be in the paper industry again. Best of luck and send me an email to keep in touch.

Michael Thoma P 07/23/07 I worked for Beloit Lenox from 02/1992 to 03/1997.  My last title was Supervisor of Two Drum Winders in which I worked with project engineers to fulfill the orders for new finishing winders.  I survived the massive layoffs after the planned merger between Beloit and Jagenburg but did not want to transfer to the new facility in Hartford CT.   I reported to both Dave Boino and Glen Chartier during different times during my employment.

 Ray C. Vonderau C-04/25/05 We are now fully retired and enjoying life in Palm Desert, CA. I often think of the many people with whom I worked for the 35 years I spent in the Pulp and Paper Industry. I retired in early 1991 after returning from Japan. I then consulted for Beloit by traveling to Taiwan to help break open that market. This assignment lasted for about 4 years. We had the privilege of serving our good customers who always kept us challenged and made Beloit a stronger company.

Larry Voss C-04/25/05 A mere youngster in the paper industry but committed to it regardless. Life is fun again, this time at Paperchine with some of the quality individuals from the Corp. My fifth industry in Finance and the best people I've ever dealt with in any of those industries. Good luck to all. 

Dennis Walton P-03/17/06

Tim Warriner C-04/25/05 Worked at Beloit 28.5 years, Calenders with Ken Thompson, Graphics and Publications with Bruce Weber and Cal Logterman, and Marketing with Ken Hopkinson. After Beloit I was out of the paper industry for 2 years but I'm now back as Marketing Manager for Metso Paper. It's great to be back and to run in to old friends around the world!

Bill Weigel C-04/25/05 I retired from Beloit Lenox just before the new P&H Management destroyed Beloit & P&H. Ken Frye who hired me to work at Lenox lives just down the road from me in Egremont, Ma. He and Vonnie Frye are doing well in retirement and so am I. My wife and I run a boarding kennel for dogs and I work as a volunteer "screener" and go to military bases to get surplus generators, trucks, bucket loaders and other emergency equipment for cities, towns and fire departments. I miss the wonderful Beloit Esprit de Corps we had as a group. It is a shame to see such a great organization die at the hands of unknowing others. 

Laurie Wicks  C-09/28/05 I am glad to see that the Paper Industry Web is up and running again. I hope everyone updates their info because its fun to see what all my old friends are doing. I'm still at Paperchine. The company has been growing very fast and we are having fun again in the paper industry.

Todd  W  Wilkes P-11/13/05 I was part of the co-op program from '92-'96 and was full-time up until the end. Still miss it from time to time.

David A Williams I started work for Beloit Walmsley ( England ) in 1991 as a draughtsman, then became a project engineer, right up until the sad demise of Beloit Corp. Following that, Sandusky Walmsley came into existing in Bolton . In 2006 Sandusky Walmsley closed its doors at Bolton works and a new company called Walmsleys Limited came into existence – still in Bolton . I now work as a Project Manager with Walmsleys along side many old faces from Beloit Walmsley. Website:

James A. Windus C-04/25/05 1964-1969 in Beloit Engineering. Thirty two more years with Crown Zellerbach/James River and part time after retiring in 1996.

John B. Wright I enjoyed my 13 years with Beloit Pulping. I am now working with AFT and covering the mills that I started with in 1987.

Andy  D. Worsick U-04/27/07 worked in the applications department at Walmsley from 1989 to 1995. Moved to a smaller supplier (Simon Holder) for a few years and then went back to Sandusky Walmsley in 2000 - with many of the old faces still around. Following the closure of Sandusky Walmsley, I now work as Sales and Project Manager for Compact Engineering Limited ( in the ountry-region , supplying infrared drying equipment to the paper industry.  

Mohamad Yahya P-07/13/07 I worked for Beloit Asia Pacific in Indonesia formerly named before PT. Beloit Indonesia as a Draftsman from 1996 to1998. I am glad to see that the Paper Industry Web is up and running again. I hope everyone updates their info because its fun to see what all my old friends are doing.  Thank you very much and kind regards, Mohamad Yahya.

Elias Zanca P 09/27/05 I worked at Beloit Brazil, even before the plant was built. I worked since 1978 until 1996 at engineering dep't with stock prep equipment, wood yard equipment and chemical Pulping equipment and in 1996 I moved to Mill Pro service dep't, . I really enjoyed working there. I worked for Beloit from 1978 - 2000. I'm working at GL&V Brazil since Aug/2000 in Field service and spare parts manager. 

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