These programs are powerful paper machine industry programs & helper tools. They are free and simple to use. The winder study layout using the electronic winder data logger accommodates the flexibility to permit gathering winder operating values quickly and accurately at the machine using a laptop computer. The winder studies provide immediate results that can be later printed when a printer is accessible.

The paper industry programs are designed for papermakers and engineers. They are based on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Most of the properties in the spreadsheet such as fonts, charts, background, border colors etc. can be changed to suit user preference.  The objects shown in the spreadsheet such as grids, charts and user data input can be manipulated as to position and configuration and can be printed individually or as a complete report. The programs can be previewed  by selecting a program in the menu below and clicking the associated screenshot when the programs selection loads. Note in the screenshot  the programs are compatible to English and Metric units.


Some elements of select programs are illustrated in the icons below. To preview an element, run the mouse cursor over the icons below, pausing as you move to read the name of the calculator - click the icon for a preview.

Paper Industry SI (metric) Convertor

SI Convertor - top half of sheet SI Convertor - bottom half of sheet

Anatomy of a Typical Winder Program

General worksheet layoutReal-time gridData input sectionPM vs winder speed chartTrimmed tons wound vs winder speed chart


Example of Winder Paper Production Study - Winder production study, how it works
Quickie Winder Study - Study based on empirical value inputs in place of timed values at winder.
Board Grade Winder Study - Study based on timed values while winding at the machine
Paper Grade Winder Study - Study based on timed values while winding at the machine
Winder Production Estimator - Quickly generates a single sheet estimate based on empirical or timed value input
Ream Convertor  - Lists most popular paper grades 500 sheet ream translated to  Sq. Ft and GSM
Reel Turn up Optimizer - Predicts jumbo diameter and web length using  efficiency percentage and slab allowance. 
Reel Winder Data Solver - Quick solutions to most common queries (FAQ of papermakers and engineers)
Electronic Winder Data Logger - Automatically calculates time and rates from data gathered by timing of the winder operation
SI (Metric) Convertor - Converts commonly used paper industry values to and from English or Metric values
Winder Study Assistant - Provides assistance tools to use and run the PIW Winder Study Programs
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Use this step by step tutorial to download and use the Paper Industry Helper programs

1. Read the Site Policy and Privacy  linked in the menu before downloading the programs and helpers.  Use of the programs and helpers constitutes acceptance of the Site Policy.
2. Select a Helper Program from the menu above. ( We selected the Quickie Winder Study Helper, US-Excel Version 7.0 for this step by step tutorial).
3. When the download page appears. Select the  download button for your version of Excel and SI or English Units..

4. Select OK and select save to disk or automatic download. By default the download package will load to your desktop.

5. Your download package should look similar to the image at left.
6. Right click the icon and select EXTRACT from  the context menu or unzip it using your favorite unzip program.
7. Select NEXT and FINISH.
8. Find  quickie file icon on your desktop. It should look similar to the image at left.
9. Start your Excel Program.
10.  Select OPEN at the Excel Menu. Open a file from DESKTOP. Select the quick7.xls file shown in Step 8.
11. The file will open and you are ready to use the Quickie Winder Study Helper Program.
12. In the Instant winder study - paper grade image in the upper left of your Excel sheet-change the PAPER DENSITY in the enter data in the white cells in the appropriate cell and press ENTER on the keyboard. Notice how the chart curves and values in the various cells change accordingly.
13. Continue changing values in the white cells - observe the changes in various cells. Do not be concerned. You will not corrupt the program by making changes. Only the white cells can be changed. Other cells are initially  password protected  and will not accept data to corrupt your program. The password is not available to the user.  If the file changed is EXITED without saving the program will default to the original values.  You can SAVE the changed sheet with a new name at any time you wish.
12. The Quickie Winder Study Helper i available at any time in your Excel Program  by reopening the files.
13. These are powerful programs. Used in conjunction with the DATA LOGGER HELPER and a Laptop Computer the user can prepare an almost instant analysis of a paper mill winder in the field at the winder.

The Paper Industry Paper Machine & Winder Helper Programs  are designed by Luigi Bagnato of Paper Industry Web using Microsoft Excel. The helper programs produce results in either English or SI units depending on  the program selection.

Portions of the spreadsheet programs are password protected to insure their integrity. This will not effect the use of the programs but will limit reformatting of the x, y axis and other spreadsheet functions. Each of the download pages have an outline of the program application and a "screenshot" image. Each program is defaulted to print the chart as shown in the screen shot. The print area can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Click here for a Winder Study Hints and Help Page.