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ExBeloiter David Roisum maintains his own blog titled Web Handling & Converting Blog
The Beloit Public Library & The Beloit Historical Society carry links back to the Paper Industry Web in their museum sections.
ExBeloiter Bob Lucas has just retired from GL & V after working for 47 years in the paper industry, most with Beloit Corporation.
The reel top ten list
Tell your favorite paper mill story - Do it automatically and instantaneously. - Read it now! Go to the Story Composer
If you have Microsoft Excel on your PC you have a FREE Flight Simulator; Go to The Instructions
Find your birth statistics using a 10' tape. Go to The Instructions 
Be careful what you say - the whole world may be listening! Read on.
The first hand held calculator - still in use today - The Abascus
So you think you know first aide? How about this 1st responder maneuver? 1st Responder Manuever  Probably should be rated "R"
Just when you think you saw it all. Weird & absurd patents-would you believe a Walkman for the unborn? Weird patents.
Better yet - make a tree on the Tree Machine - pick a trunk or leaf - download components. Design Workshop Tree Machine web site 
Beautiful and Ugly machines - If you like cars this is one of the premier sites -from antiques to dream machines.Diseno
A terrific download - a flying carpet experience-fly over your home and take snapshots and send it in an e-mail. A quick download and free. Google Earth
If you are serious about machine design this may be the site for you -it's way over my head but then I'm Italian. One Smart Click.Com
The Godfather Trilogy - The original and definitive Godfather Trilogy site! The website you can't refuse. Go there now Ciao Baby!
ExBeloiter Dennis Goddard has a website - Dennis Goddard & Associates - PM Design and Service
ExBeloiter Mark Preuschl has a website named " Mark's Slightly Useful Web Page" Contains varied interesting topics. Visit Web site
If you are in to toys and mechanical contraptions - this page shows a large variety of Sun Powered Toys and contraptions. Go to the web site
This is Mars - no not the candy bar - this is the real McCoy - The Mars Pathfinder website. Photos-Articles-Panorama - If you like the real Mars go here!
If you love Rome and it's architecture Start with the Roman Coliseum and work the list.  Architecture of Rome, Italy - Great Buildings Online  
What is a broke pit?! . Go to the broke pit
How many machine sections are there? Primer on PM Sections.
Viewing VRML can be tricky. We developed a VRML tutorial. Instructions are include how to enter the broke pit under the Reel shown in the VRML Reel.  Go to the VRML tutorial
If you have not viewed the Virtual Reality Paper Machine - this is the opportunity to see what it is all about. View Exploring VRML PM
The Mechanics of Winding teaches the must-know areas of winding including unwinds, slitters, spreaders and roll handling: Two-day Technical Seminar - Seminars for Engineers
The Paper industry Web designed a special Paper Machine VRML World demo. You WILL NOT require a plug-in or special browser to run the demo. Try the demo.
Processing VRML Worlds can be tricky. If you are experiencing problems try The Paper Industry Web's  VRML Tutorial.
Mark your calendar! Town of Beloit - Festival on the Rock - includes a Beloit Corporation Reunion. Saturday, 9 Sept. 2006.  Read the Billboard!
Rummaging through some old 3 1/2" disks, we found a file of an original home page dated January 3, 1997. 
Seminars For Engineers presents: Fundamentals of Injection Mold Design Seminar A Two-Day Technical Seminar
If you are a frequent flyer you may not care to visit this website: Unusual aviation pictures 
Weird facts, unusual information, bits and pieces of miscellany that we've been accumulating for ever. Trivial Trivia Collections of Unusual Facts
Play Winder Tic Tac Toe - Choose between two drum and duplex winder - Sorry! No Prizes - Just Winners! Tic - Tac- Toe 
The Stanley Steamer - America's legendary steam car - The Stanley Museum With links  to recommended Stanley Steamer web sites.

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