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Photos and Renovation of Iron Works Complex by Hendricks Development Group - Beloit, WI
Ironworks Complex

Former hallway to engineering

Murals on Rock River

Click here to view the BIW renovation slide show.

Above photo captured from Mark Preuschl's Photo Collection. Click photo for larger view.

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This page updated June 10, 2009

The Beloit Corporation History Page started informally as the "Beloit History Project," a side issue of our formal websites. When first posted on the Internet the motivation was to document and preserve Beloit Corporation history before it disappeared from the public domain and private sources. The project became immediately popular and gained support of Beloit employees and the Beloit community. We wish to thank the many former Beloit employees and individuals as well as the Beloit Historical Society who loaned or donated documents for the project. The information began to accumulate on The Winder Home Page and Finishing & Converting Net websites.

When Harnischfeger Industries of Milwaukee, WI announced it's intent to declare Chapter 11 on June 7, 1999 our focus shifted from the routine we had originally planned for our websites and the Beloit history project. We saw a more serious need to "document and preserve". 

We started a daily journal to examine and record the process and circumstances surrounding the Chapter 11 proceedings.  Our daily journal became a six part series titled The Beloit Chronicles.  We observed the Beloit Chronicles becoming a reference point and document of record, frequently quoted in articles and stories that appeared on the Internet.  As we all know now, the Harnischfeger Chapter 11 resulted in the premature closing of Beloit Corporation. The Beloit history project became The Beloit Corporation History Page website.

The image above shows the obverse and reverse of the Beloit 125th Anniversary Medallion. Click either of the images to see enlargements of this beautiful medallion. 

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TAPPI has become a reseller of the book Sacrificial Lamb - The Beloit Corporation Story. The book is now available at the TAPPI Press Website 


HELP! - We Need your assistance. Can you identify this picture? The picture is misidentified on page 132 in the ExBeloit Book, Sacrificial Lamb. It also appears on this website at One of our Exbeloiters would like more information concerning this photo. Where is this reception desk located? Any info on the persons shown. If you can a fellow Exbeloiter with the info requested Clickhere  

ExBeloiter Graham Chivrall of Walmsley comes through: We received the following e-mail regards the photo at left from Graham: "I think you have a picture of the reception at Beloit Walmsley's Bolton UK offices which were occupied after the offices moved from Bury to the Bolton site, probably taken in the late 1980's. The layout is just right and I nearly recognize both the receptionists. If the resolution were better you might be able to pick up some text to help, but it cant be done."   Regards, Graham Chivrall, Beloit Walmsley 1978-88.  Thanks Graham!


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Harry C. Moore's legacy seen throughout Beloit 
By William D. Behling: Editor Emeritus 

Published in The Beloit Daily News, Wednesday September 10, 2008 11:29 AM CDT

The Beloit Chronicles

Part 1 of the The Beloit Chronicles  The Chapter 11 announcement - June 7, 1999 Part 2 of the Beloit Chronicles Events leading up to Chapter 11 through June 7, 1999 
Part 3 of the The Beloit Chronicles  Events from June 7 to December 31,1999 Part 4 of The Beloit Chronicles Events from January1 to March 31 2000
Part 5 of the The Beloit Chronicles Events from April 1 to June 1, 2000 - The final chapter  Part 6 of the Beloit Chronicles The aftermath - Beloit Daily News headlines re: Beloit Corp. through July 5, 2001

 Beloit Chronicles Author's Comments

Beloit History Part I -1858-1885 This article tracks the progress of Merrill's' first foundry in 1858 located at 937 Third Street, Beloit, Wisconsin , through the sale of  Merrill & Houston Ironworks in 1885. Beloit History Part II -1942-1987" After WW2 Beloit expanded from less than 1,000 employees to 5,500 by 1987 with many offices and plants worldwide. 
Beloit Iron Works 1885-1941  We track the early years of the new company from 1885 to WW2 when Beloit Iron Works devoted almost 100% of their capacity to the war effort and was awarded the Army & Navy "E" for excellence four times Beloit Iron Works Firsts  There is a familiarity with the modern era of milestones and "firsts" of Beloit Corporation. This list of "firsts" of the Beloit Iron Works was complied for the years 1885 to 1956.
Milestones in the History of  Beloit Corporation This is an article tracking the technical progress and management changes of the Beloit Iron Works from 1848 to 1999,Corporation. This article tracks the technical progress  from 1858 to the present. Beloit City experiences Deja Vu It was the great Yankee catcher, Yoggi Bera, who said, "This is like Deja Vu all over again." In time we may fully understand the similarities  of the 1885 and 1999 incidents that shocked the City of Beloit. 
Beloit Corporation Worldwide 1997 Employee Roster - Three sheets: This information is copied from the Beloit 1997 appointment book.   Beloit Appointment Book and Calendar The appointment book became a status symbol. If you had one you belonged  to the Beloit  "insider club".
BIW Winder Brochure - Circa 1920 Describes the great features of the winder used by the World's Leading Mills in 1920. 1945 Beloit Winder Brochure Brochure describes the typical cast iron two drum winder of its day.
1955  Was a Very Good Year This article presents the stats  of one year in the life of former Beloit employees and why they were so proud of their company.  BIW Removable Fourdrinier Brochure - Circa 1922  Without a  doubt, the greatest advance made in recent years in the way of time and labor saving in paper machines.
Beloit Eastern Site  (formerly known as Downingtown Manufacturing Company) located in Downingtown, PA has been converted to a park dedicated to WWII Vets Murals on the Rock River If you have not had the opportunity to visit Beloit, WI,  you have missed seeing the great murals displayed on The North Wall of the old Beloit Complex Buildings.
Patent rankings Beloit Corp scores a "grand slam" ranking 1, 2, 3 in three important paper industry patent classes  1969 to 2003 1969 - years 1969 to 2003 Welcome to Patent Storm Patent Storm website lists U. S.  patents assigned to Beloit Corp. and full-text patent search. 
WI Department of Justice Court rejected efforts of Joy Global, Inc. to avoid the merits of severance pay claims of  Beloit Corporation workers.  Battle for ExBeloit Severance Package  Harnischfeger is still fighting to hold out paying the severance pay.  
Double Destruction in Indonesia's Forests: ECA Watch Summary - This study credits The Beloit Chronicles, Part 2 through 5 authored by Luigi Bagnato  as presented by  on this page for background information for their article. See "End Notes of study on their page" Another Viewpoint The Beloit Saga: APP, ECA's, and the Bankrupting of America's Oldest Paper Machinery Companies. A portion of  the report is based on the " The Beloit Chronicles Series" as posted on this web site on The Beloit History Page
Beloit Iron Works Advertisement 1889 Can you identify this machine? The E. D. Jones Story  By Dwight Jones and Henry Williams 
Beloit Corporation Presidents Beloit has had 9 presidents from 1885 to 2000. The Beloit Globe The story behind the globe in the Beloit Corporation main lobby.
History of BIW as published in 1936 Book of Beloit: Reproduced  on the Internet by former Beloit Corp. employee Mark Preuschl. Proud to be an ExBeloiter Small group of BIW employees organized and formed  the  first American credit union. Read about it's history at this link.  
News Item of 1896   QUOTE - "It is our pleasure to present today, a picture of the magnificent shop of the Beloit Iron Works, an Institution in which the City of Beloit has great pride, built by Beloit people............"  Water wheels to Paper Machines BIW transitions from the O .J.  Merrill Machine Shop  producing a famous water wheel in 1858 to a world position manufacturing 927 paper machines over it's 142 year history. 
Renovation of The BIW office buildings The photos in this article  were taken by Luigi Bagnato and Dennis Hays during a tour of the buildings November 1, 2003.  The BIW buildings are being renovated by the Hendriks Development Group. Quote by Ken Hendricks  redeveloped the former Beloit Corp complex says, “Management drove the Beloit  Corporation  plant into the ground, The workers at that complex and others made the community what it is” 
Demolition of the Woods Building During the demolition of the Woods building a mystery building was discovered. Demolition of Beloit Security Building Photos by Art Goldsworthy
Merrill & Houston Proposition  1882   Specification for a 64" cylinder machine. Total price $ 8,225. including two Beating Engines. A reproduction of the original 1882 document is included.  Beloit Orders.xls List of 675 Beloit Corp orders: Ord. No. 25 01/01/02 through Ord.  No. 820 08/01/99 on Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Read the list or save on your computer. 
Beloit Quarter Century Club The BQQC annual dinner is always an enjoyable social event. Abandoned: The Closing of Beloit Jones  "No, everything's not okay, because somebody hasn't had their due."
History of Beloit Corporation A third party  comprehensive history of Beloit Corporation by Iron Works reclaims the Past Since its striking transformation in 2002, The Ironworks complex has become a rejuvenated home base for dozens.
Beloit Patterns  Become Art William Sandman, a recent graduate of Beloit College is designing BIW casting patterns into pieces of art.  Brief History of Walmsleys (Bury) Charles Walmsley, founder of Walmsleys (Bury) UK,  decided in 1866 to start a business with hopes of success largely on his skill as an engineer.
A Bit of Early Beloit History Headlines from the Beloit Weekly Free Press, April 1861 through February 1915. Legal Issues Legal issues relating to Beloit Corporation and Harnischfeger Industries (now Joy Global)
Mark Preuschl's Beloit Photo Album Mark is a former Beloit Corp. employee (1978-1999). Posts over 1600 photos of Beloit Vicinity including some of the  Beloit  Corporation - past and present. 

Statement on Joy Global Retirement Funds Settlement   Comments by Senator Judy Robson, “The lawsuit over the risky investments shows that Harnischfeger was not looking out for the best interests of its employees....."

Paperchine Inc. Creates New Winder Division Story posted in The Beloit Daily News Wednesday, Aug 08, 2007 - 11:26:50 am CDT. Paperchine now employs over 120 people worldwide, most former Beloit Corporation employees. Paperchine opened in March, 2000, after Harnischfeger, the parent company of Beloit Corporation, declared bankruptcy. The First 145 Years of the Paper Machine in the United States  Beloit Corporation's William J. Beckes presents a review of paper machine developments in the United States beginning with the import of the first  Bryan Donkin fourdrinier in 1827 by H. Barclay of Saugerties, NY, continuing through to the hugh wide, high speed, high production paper machines we know today.
Create Jobs, Eliminate Waste, Preserve Value A "backgrounder article" about the rejuvenation of the Iron Works Complex and the man behind it. An interesting 7 page article published December 2006 by Leigh Buchanan, editor-at-large for Inc. Harnischfeger Bankruptcy News - Issue Number 1, June 14, 1999 A good "backgrounder article" concerning the Beloit/Harnischfeger Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition including financial history and balance sheets. (Posted on this website for it's historical significance). 
Judy Robson, Schooff Comment on Beloit Corporation Severance Settlement Judy Robson, was a Wisconsin State Senator during the Harnischfeger/Beloit bankruptcy period. How many times have you crossed this bridge? The walkway that connected Beloit Iron Works offices to the Woods Building is now a break room, for both buildings. (This terrific photo is from the OldOnliner's photostream). See more great Beloit photos by clicking this Flickr link  OldOnliners photos on Flickr  
Another hurdle cleared in Beloit Corp. battle Story from The Beloit Daily News: Posted: Thursday, Dec.13, 2007 by Krista Brown Daily News staff writer and thanks to Chuck Bestul who alerted us to the article.  Finally Justice? Story from The Beloit Daily News: Posted Friday,  Dec. 14, 2007: Wisconsin Sen. Judy Robson announced Thursday that the workers (ExBeloit) won a major victory in their long battle for severance pay.
Beloit Corporation Blackhawk facility has new occupant. Chemtool is moving into Beloit Corp.'s former 330,000-square-foot Blackhawk facility. The former Beloit Corporation site in Rockton is 200 acres. Paperchine purchased 22 acres and Chemtool closed on the remaining 178 acres last winter.
Beloit Corporation History Timeline This is an Interactive timeline. (Selectable time intervals of the base timeline) Timeline is a collection of public domain webpages related to Beloit Corporation History including many selected from the Paper Industry Web.

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