Animated Paper machine
Two Tier Dryer Section
Machine Calendar Stack
Machine Reel
Two Drum Winder
Bending the Winding Rules
Reel Nip Profiler
Core Loading Cart at Winder
Sheet Break at Winder
Papermachine in Panorama
Winder in Panorama
Winder in Orbit Over Tampa Florida
Effects of Winder Automation
Winder Accel/Decel Rates
Effect of BW on Fine Paper Winder
Paper Industry Animations Feedback


The animations linked from this page are VRML-like but unlike true VRML do not
require a special plug-in. Instructions for their use are on each of the animations.

The animations listed use a wide range of unique drivers. At times the animation
may have to be reloaded or refreshed to continue play.  It may be necessary with
some of the animations to perform a second click on the object in the screen to
start the animation.


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