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These Calculators are powerful paper machine & helper tools. The calculator are FREE and simple to use. They provide instant, accurate answers to your queries.

The paper industry active "X" calculators are designed for papermakers and engineers. Now you can preview the calculators by running your mouse cursor over the icons below to identify the calculator. All the calculators are designed for use with English or Metric units.


To preview a calculator, run the mouse cursor over the icons below, pausing as you move to read the name of the calculator - click the icon for a preview.


Caliper / density conversion Paper characteristics conversion No. jumbos / day Web length in roll Trim loss at winder Weight of wound roll Density from roll weight Time to reel jumbo



Density of wound roll or jumbo  - When roll weight, roll diameter, core diameter, roll width are known
Convert density to caliper or reverseWhen  basis weight, paper weight , caliper  {or density} are known
Number jumbos produced from PM  - When roll diameter, core diameter, caliper and PM speed are known
Time to reel jumbo at PM  -  When jumbo diameter, spool diameter, PM speed & caliper are known
Web length in roll or jumboWhen roll diameter, core diameter and caliper are known
Weight of wound roll or jumbo - When roll diameter, core diameter, roll width and density are known
Paper characteristics conversion - Converts BW 3000 to BW 3300 or reverse - Converts density or  caliper from  English  to  Metric or reverse
Trim lossWhen jumbo diameter, spool diameter, reel trim, winder trim, density are known
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Use this step by step tutorial to download and use Paper Industry Active X Calculators

1. Read the Site Policy and Privacy  linked in the menu before downloading the calculators.  Downloading and use the calculators constitutes acceptance of this policy.
2. Select a calculator in the menu. ( We selected Weight of Wound Roll for this step by step tutorial
3. When the download page appears. Click the download button.

4. Select OK and select save to disk or automatic download. By default the download package will load to your desktop.

5. Your download package should look similar to the image at left.
6. Right click the icon and select EXTRACT from  the context menu or unzip it using your favorite unzip program.
7. Select NEXT and FINISH.
8. Find and double click the setup icon. It should look similar to the image at left.
9. When the dialog box appears click OK and follow the instructions. Take careful note of where the files will be stored
or select your own storage directory preference.
10. Go to the folder that stores your program and find the F&C icon. It should look like the image at left. Right click the icon and select SEND TO DESKTOP - CREATE SHORTCUT. This will place an icon on your desktop.
11.  AN OPTION TO STEP 10- Skip items 10.  Go to START and PROGRAMS. Locate the Roll Weight program item and click the icon
to use the Roll Weight Calculator.  You can also right click the icon that appears and select SEND TO DESKTOP - CREATE SHORTCUT if you prefer to have an icon on your desktop..
12. At the desktop, locate and double click the icon to use the Roll Weight Calculator. 
13. The calculator is now ready for use. Enter the values in either the U.S. Or SI column of the calculator.
14. The calculator can be removed from your PC using the  Add/Remove utility in the Windows Control Panel.

The Active X Paper Industry Calculators are designed by Luigi Bagnato of Paper Industry Web using Visual basic Version 6.0.
All Active X Calculators produce results in either English or SI units.