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Here are some actual brief excerpts from the training.
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In this lesson we'll discuss the importance of acolytes and acolytes' responsibilities."
"Who is an acolyte? Why be an acolyte? Ways to serve as an acolyte. Preparing to serve."
"The priest or bishop always has the final say in an acolyte's duties for the day."
"As Christians, we are asked to serve God. You have chosen to serve God in your church service as an acolyte. Whether you are a torchbearer, a crucifer, a thurifer, or carry a banner, your work and your presence in the church service is a gift to God. Your dignified manner and reverent behavior is a model for the worshipers as they watch you assist the priest in the holy liturgies. Thank you for this gift of service."
There are several review questions and a fun jigsaw puzzle for learning.