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“Acolyte Duties”
"Your duties as an acolyte are important in the procession, at your seat, during the offertory, during Holy Communion, and in the recession."
"Order of participants:  Your church may use some or all of these participants in the procession and recession.   Most of the time the people are already in the church waiting for the service to begin.  The celebrant (priest) will decide who will be in the procession and recession.  Generally, the procession is arranged in the following order: 1- Verger with stick to clear a path in the crowd; 2- Thurifer, if used, to scent the worship area; 3- Crucifer bearing the cross; 4- Torchbearers to light the way; 5- Banners; 6- Choir; 7- Lay Readers; 8- Clergy in order of priorities in the service."
There are several review questions.