This page began as a personal web page. After casting around to find a useful  purpose for the page, in August of 1995  the personal page changed to THE WINDER HOME PAGE. The start was modest but interest slowly grew thanks to a lot of help. It soon became apparent that even with the increase in interest, THE WINDER HOME PAGE was limited and the page could only exist as a useful entity to the pulp & paper industry if the base were broadened to include a larger population.

June 1, 1996 the WINDER HOME PAGE became THE FINISHING & CONVERTING NET. The domain name finishingnet.com was registered and the website then became finishingnet.com. This lasted for quite a few years but with changes in our industry and the loss of the domain name, finishingnet.com, it became again necessary to cast around more looking in which direction to proceed. 

The closing of Beloit Corporation (my former employer) June 1, 1966 due to bankruptcy, had an influence in the direction of the web site. It of course  was the force behind the Beloit History Page and ExBeloit Worldwide N etwork. Our interest in paper history continues with The Paper History Channel. 

In 2000 we registered the domain name paperindustryweb.com. The name of the site was changed to agree with the domain name. The Finishing & Converting Net was retired July 16, 2000 and the new site name THE PAPER INDUSTRY WEB was inaugurated. The format was completely changed to eliminate frames and other obsolete techniques in an attempt to be more responsive to change. Broad band was becoming more affordable and with it's popularity we were able  to do many things we could not do practically in a dial-up environment. 

New buzz words like "cross-browser-utilization" were added to our vocabulary. This became a necessity as more new browsers and O.S. systems became available. A lot of the emerging technology was not quickly adaptable to the new browsers and O. S. A good example is VRML (virtual reality  markup language). This is the language used to write those intriguing 3 D Worlds. VRML worked well when using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape  but  "cranky" with some new browsers such as Firefox. Firefox promises to have the ability to support VRML in the near future. There are numerous examples of the complexity of maintaining a public web site. A simple example is the time bar posted on the Paper Industry Web home page. The bar is visible using both Firefox and Nescape browsers but the time is not reproduced using Microsoft Internet Exporter.  It is reasonable to expect this will all change for the better in the near future. For now the problems challenge both you the software user and web designers.

With the development of the new web site the goal is not only to discuss issues and technology of a wider range but hopefully present a page with greater appeal and enjoyment for a larger population. We wish to thank all of those that have supported and encouraged the WINDER HOME PAGE, throughout it's' growth to the present PAPER INDUSTRY WEB and  stayed with us patiently through the changes to make it a bigger and better web site.

 For those that supported the  Winder Home Page and Finishingnet web sites we offer a nostalgic look into the past. You can view the The Winder Home Page dated November, 1995 and a finishingnet.com home page dated Jan 3, 1997. Obviously the links on  these pages are now inactive and unsupported.



The Paper industry Web is a none profit web site dedicated for the use and enjoyment of those that have an interest in the paper industry. If you have photos, documents or stories of significance you would like to have published on this web site we encourage and welcome your participation. The material does not have to be in any special form or condition. We will be pleased to format it for publication on the Internet.

Due to the wide experience range of our readers, from novice to people with long tenure in our industry, we  present a broad range of technical content on our pages. We also try not to be pretentious and to provide some enjoyment for our visitors. 

The success that the web site enjoys is due to many people. We thank each and every one that have contributed time and information  and offered encouragement in the early days when first launching the site. We hesitate to mention names as we would certainly omit some that were instrumental in making this site possible.

We hope you find these pages useful. We also hope that some of our visitors can find the time in their busy lives to contribute some content to these pages and share their experience and knowledge with our readers.

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